Orbán must immediately remove Human Capacities Minister Miklós Kásler from office

For the last few weeks, Jobbik has been a partner in protecting the people from the coronavirus. The government has listened to our advice and took similar or completely identical measures several times. We have another advice now.

Our advice for Viktor Orbán is to remove Minister Miklós Kásler, but not just from the Operative Staff but from the government, too! Instead of helping the nation to calm down on the brink of a coronavirus epidemic, Minister Kásler’s performance in his latest press conference was so bad that he actually caused even more confusion with his answers. Hungary can’t have a minister in charge of healthcare who is unable to answer the simplest questions on the brink of an epidemic! We can’t keep him in charge of our healthcare if he is unable to give reassuring answers on the Iranian students, can’t organize the preparation of our healthcare service and, as revealed by his answers, has no idea about the conditions in the healthcare institutions that are supposed to protect us and provide medical care.

We don’t want to turn the coronavirus into a party political affair but Miklós Kásler’s person and uncertain answers will not reassure the Hungarian people. Viktor Orbán must replace Miklós Kásler with a healthcare minister who is confident and able to restore the Hungarian people’s trust in the protective measures!


Dr. László György Lukács

Vice president and healthcare policy expert, Jobbik