Orbán is willing to give up EU membership just to serve his mafia network

The European Parliamentary elections will decide if we allow Viktor Orbán to lead Hungary out of the European Union, said Jobbik’s vice president Tibor Bana in his press conference on Thursday. The politician believes it is a realistic scenario since the Prime Minister has demonstrated several times that “he stops at nothing and he would even be willing to give up Hungary’s EU membership just to serve his own mafia network.”

As Jobbik’s MP put it, the Hungarian National Assembly had a debate last week on allowing Russian-backed, formerly KGB- or COMECON-run International Investment Bank to move its headquarters to Hungary. Jobbik considers this move a significant problem as the foreign nationals to be employed by the bank are supposed to be exempted from taxes and contributions and the bank would also enjoy a protected central office building and a residence for the president. The move would also involve some individuals with dubious backgrounds being allowed to enjoy unlimited travel into Hungary coupled with diplomatic immunity in the second half of 2019.

In contrast, honest Hungarian citizens who try to make ends meet, put bread on the table and work for their homeland can’t even dream about such privileges. “However, the Orbán government is ready to provide full immunity for this Russian-backed bank from the jurisdiction of Hungarian supervisory organizations and other authorities as well.” Jobbik condemns the idea of legalizing mafia and KGB methods like this.

The politician noted that while Viktor Orbán sent Russians home in his fiery speech back in 1989, by now he had become an avid follower of Russia’s President Putin and was ready to further increase Hungary’s Russian colonization by allowing the International Investment Bank into Hungary. Tibor Bana believes the reason why the Prime Minister promotes an increasing Russian influence in the European Union is because it helps his mafia network to gain even more profit. If the existing EU funds were withheld from Hungary, he would have no means to pay his people but the Russian bank could help him sustain his network.

“The sole purpose of this solution is to allow Orbán’s oligarchs to collect more dirty money. We can state now that the Hungarian government has become the viceroy of the Russians,” said the MP who thinks that the government’s campaign against EU leaders is shameful and outrageous, not because of the fact that it criticizes the EU but because of the way it does so. He reminded the media that Jobbik has some criticism for EU leaders but you must always keep the balance, just like you need to maintain good economic relations with Russia and Turkey without betraying Hungary’ interests.

Jobbik envisions Hungary staying within the European Union in the future and the party’s MEPs will work for the common European values.


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