Orbán is really the nation’s horsetrader: now he says lying qualifies as a matter of strategic importance for Hungary!

Viktor Orbán declared it was a matter of strategic importance for the nation to prevent any authority from blocking the unlawful centralization of fake news production services, i.e., the merger of Fidesz’ multi-billion-HUF subservient media units into one major governmental brainwashing factory called Central European Press and Media Foundation.

Having seen Fidesz turn down Jobbik’s bill to withhold state subsidies from media outlets caught lying on a regular basis, now we know even more: the existence of these outlets is no less than a matter of strategic importance for Hungary, according to Orbán.

Jobbik categorically rejects the idea that saving such notorious liars as daily newspapers Ripost, Lokál and Magyar Idők could be a matter of strategic importance for Hungary. This is such an insult for the truth-loving Hungarian nation which cannot be accepted even from a horsetrader.


Péter Jakab, Jobbik’s MP and spokesman