Orbán-Gyurcsány coalition set up to promote US agenda?


"We welcome Viktor Orbán's final realization that he should abandon his previous policy and follow the path long beaten by Jobbik, as well as his final understanding that Hungary's foreign policy agenda should be shaped by multiple power centres" wrote Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy leader of Jobbik's Parliamentary Group in his press release on Monday.

The politician says that the Hungarian Prime Minister, albeit belatedly, managed to identify with Jobbik's foreign policy concept which says that Hungarian national interests must be represented within the framework of a Germany-Turkey-Russia triangle and Hungary's economy cannot be solely based on the export of multinational companies operating here.

On the other hand, Jobbik firmly condemns Viktor Orbán potentially setting up the Euro-Atlantic broad coalition of the past 25 years in an effort to join the war against ISIS. A military mission against the extremist organization requires a two-thirds majority vote in the Parliament, so Fidesz will sorely need an Orbán-Gyurcsány coalition to have the legislation passed. Jobbik believes we have no obligation that would justify Hungary's participation in such a military campaign and we must not provide military support as the previous statements of certain key figures have clearly shown that the West was responsible for the creation of ISIS.