Orbán government says convicted corrupt criminal Gruevski deserves special treatment

In the Hungarian Parliament’s Monday session, Jobbik MP Ádám Mirkóczki asked the government about the affair of former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski who fled to Hungary after he had been convicted on corruption charges in his home country.

Comparing the events to the screenplay of a low-budget spy movie being acted out, he said we could have had a good laugh about it if it hadn’t taken place in our country. Mr Mirkóczki also noted that the government so far refused to admit more than the mere presence of the politician who must have escaped from his prison sentence illegally as he had no valid passport. According to the MP of the largest opposition party, there is no legal regulation to prescribe giving a special treatment to Mr Gruevski. Consequently, the Macedonian ex-politician should be in the transit zone with all others coming with no valid papers from a safe non-EU country. Mr Mirkóczki also asked questions about the role of the Hungarian authorities in Mr Gruevski’s escape, including which Ministry issued the order: Interior Affairs, Foreign Affairs or the Prime Minister’s Office itself.

In his response, State Secretary Balázs Orbán asserted that the affair was very important. In his view, there are legal grounds for exempting Mr Gruevski from having to wait at the border until his request for asylum is processed. Mr Orbán referred to Section 71 of Act LXXX of 2007 on Asylum, which states that “the provisions applicable in the procedure conducted at the border shall not apply if the application is submitted by a person in need of special treatment”.

However, the law defines a person in need of special treatment as: “the unaccompanied minor or a vulnerable person, in particular, a minor, elderly or disabled person, pregnant woman, single parent raising a minor child and a person who has suffered from torture, rape or any other grave form of psychological, physical or sexual violence, found, after proper individual assessment, to have special needs because of his/her individual situation”. According to the Hungarian government, Viktor Orbán’s Macedonian friend, who is escaping from his prison sentence, belongs to this category so his hearing can be held in the headquarters of the Immigration and Asylum Office. And their explanation for giving a special treatment to Mr Gruevski is that he was Macedonia’s Prime Minister for 10 years.

The State Secretary also denied that the government was aiding the criminal but admitted that Mr Gruevski contacted a Hungarian diplomatic mission and applied for asylum there. For security reasons, the Hungarian authorities decided that Mr Gruevski had to wait in our country for the decision on his application. (Unfortunately, he did not discuss how Mr Gruevski got into Hungary...) Finally, Mr Balázs Orbán stated they were not going to give any more information on the affair.


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