"Orbán government kneels before Brussels"

Viktor Orbán backed down in Brussels. As it is announced by Antal Rogán, Hungary is willing to take in migrants between the ages of 14-18, as long as they undergo a DNA test. In response to the news, Jobbik held an extraordinary press conference.

The largest opposition party called upon the Prime Minister to explain this “high treason” in the next session of the Parliament on Tuesday.

Jobbik’s vice president Dániel Z. Kárpát announced that Jobbik was going to re-submit the party’s Constitutional bill that would exclude any form of settling migrants in Hungary. This is the bill that was turned down by Fidesz-Christian Democrats a while ago because it contained Jobbik’s proposal to ban the sales of residency bonds, saying that  “neither poor, nor rich migrants” should be allowed to come to Hungary.

“High treason and patriotic mentality must be separated”

Jobbik finds it astounding that the past two years’ consultations, outdoor media campaigns and even the referendum “were all built on lies”, and when “the foreign client decides otherwise”, the Hungarian government “kneels before them and abandons the national interest”, thus betraying the three million voters of last year’s referendum.

Mr Z. Kárpát added that Fidesz, who had never been shy to call other parties traitors, was always ready to allow migrants in Hungary, first for money and eventually for free as well. Contrary to that, Jobbik would not bring anyone here because “Hungary belongs to Hungarians.”


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