Orbán gets burned along with Strache

Viktor Orbán’s favourite Austrian politician Heinz-Christian Strache is not the only one being compromised through his corruption-themed discussion with an oligarch. He got the Orbán government burned as well. Following the Hungarian example, Mr Strache was going to switch the editorial position of Austria’s largest tabloid newspaper to support the Freedom Party. In his conversation with the alleged pro-Putin oligarch, Austria’s vice chancellor said: “Heinrich Pecina is an investor who bought all Hungarian newspapers in the past 15 years and prepared them for Orbán’s takeover.” As it was reported earlier, Mr Pecina bought up several national newspapers, closed down Népszabadság in 2016 and he also sold Mediaworks, the publishing house of most Hungarian regional papers, to Lőrinc Mészáros. The fact that Viktor Orbán’s dictatorship is mentioned as an example by a corrupt, pro-Russia politician is completely unacceptable.

In light of the reports on Viktor Orbán’s secret meetings to get Russian help to acquire RTL Klub television, a media outlet with still a critical tone at the moment, Jobbik hereby calls on the Prime Minister and Fidesz to come clean and give a straight answer to the following questions: Is Heinrich Pecina, with whom Viktor Orbán negotiated himself, a strawman working for Russia? What were the Prime Minister’s negotiations with Mr Pecina about? What did Mr Orbán offer Russia in return for the help? Does it have anything to do with the fact that the tender for the development project of Hungary’s Paks Nuclear Power Plant was won by a Russian corporation under unclear circumstances? Was the Orbán-Strache-Salvini axis, which had been formed for years, actually designed to prepare Russia’s advancement in Europe to undermine the European Union? Can a similarly compromising recording emerge about Viktor Orbán or people from his immediate circle? Finally, why do you think it is proper to establish a pro-Russia authoritarian regime in Hungary?


Márton Gyöngyösi, Executive Vice President and MEP candidate, Jobbik