Orbán busted: They secretely settled twice as many migrants than the quota number

Hungary's government ended up in a highly embarrassing situation as they had spent tens of billions of Hungarian Forints on a campaign to make people believe that the government had been blocking all forms of migration. Now it's revealed that they have been secretly settling migrants in Hungary by the thousands. Mr Vona says PM Orbán is busted; he has been misleading Hungary and it's time to oust his lying government.

In his extraordinary press conference, Mr Vona condemned the government for admitting 1300 migrants recently and settling altogether 2300 of them in the past three years, and called the event "Viktor Orbán's Őszöd speech". Claiming that Viktor Orbán has been busted, he said the PM had been misleading the whole country, including his own voters. He raised the question why Viktor Orbán may have been lying and running clandestine operations while constantly manipulating the Hungarian public. In Mr Vona's view, "the fraud of the century" has just been revealed when they admitted that the Fidesz government was constantly settling migrants in the country while they had squandered HUF 22 billion in three years on anti-migrant national consultations and referendum.

This is almost twice as much as the quota

He also noted that the EU's migrant allocation quotas originally assigned 1294 migrants to Hungary but there were in fact 2300 people settled here in recent years. So he asserted that Viktor Orbán highly outdid the quota while he spent billions on promoting a contrary agenda and driving the Hungarian public to a hysteria. Mentioning how the government has suddenly learnt to distinguish between "real refugees" deserving subsidiary protection status and illegal economic immigrants, he criticized the government for claiming that they had to admit these people due to international agreements.

So what happened in Őcsény then?

In particular, Mr Vona was especially critical of the government having been unable to truly distinguish between migrants, which was best shown by the conflict in Őcsény where the local population, instigated by the government's propaganda, rebelled against families with subsidiary protection status (!) being hosted by a local guest house owner last September and Viktor Orbán incited them even further by publicly agreeing with their fervent reactions.  Now these people are presented as "different" who were not targeted by the government's propaganda – but they were, of course. Szilárd Németh should pack Viktor Orbán in his suitcase and go visit Őcsény to explain the locals the difference between migrants, said Jobbik's president, wishing success for their venture.

Extraordinary meeting summoned

Gábor Vona announced that they were planning to summon an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly, for which they were collecting statements from MPs across the aisle. They expect Viktor Orbán,"who has been talking about nothing but this matter”, to attend this meeting and give an account why he lied to the people for three years, claiming that they would not settle anyone in Hungary.

Mr Vona stated that the Orbán government was unable to protect Hungary's security, even though this was the one single message they kept repeating so that they could retain their voter base in a never-ending sea of corruption. Contrary to the propaganda, the reality is that 

•Fidesz did not set up the independent border guard service demanded by Jobbik

•Fidesz voted 7 times against Jobbik's constitutional amendment to prevent migration

•Ghaith Pharaon, an individual wanted by international police, was admitted to Viktor Orbán's innermost circle,

•residency bonds were handed out to tens of thousands of rich migrants

•while 2300 migrants in total were settled in Hungary over the past years.

Gábor Vona, who is widely considered as the only realistic challenger for Viktor Orbán, said that the PM "began his unholy march towards his final fall", as it was not just Hungary's economic indicators that were bad but, as it had just turned out, the Fidesz government was only guaranteeing the country's security in words. "Hungary is going in a wrong direction, it's time to change the government,” Mr Vona concluded, adding that Jobbik was prepared for governing Hungary for real, without lies and corruption.


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