Orbán afraid to face justice of “adventurous” Hungarians

Too little, too late - This is how Jobbik views the Hungarian government’s otherwise welcome decision to finally open consulates in Manchester and Edinburgh early next year. It will undoubtedly make it easier for local residents to manage their administrative affairs and cast their ballots in the upcoming elections next spring. However, it fails to provide a solution for hundred thousands of our compatriots who had to emigrate to other UK regions or other countries but have Hungarian addresses so they are not allowed to vote by letter.

Viktor Orbán is afraid of the emigrant Hungarian vote because he knows that many of these people decided to leave Hungary because of him. So he practically prevents them from casting their ballots since many of them would have to travel hundreds of kilometres to the assigned embassy or consulate, spending a significant time and energy on it because they are not allowed to vote by letter. It is outrageous that the government only takes sham measures instead of truly making it easier for everyone to cast their ballots, just because it is not in its political interest to do so.

Jobbik believes that voting by letter should be an option for all of our citizens who live abroad but have a Hungarian address. To represent the interest of the people, we will install an e-election system by 2022 to make voting easier, more efficient and cheaper for the people and the state as well.


Gergely Farkas, Member of Parliament, Jobbik