Opposition party presidents agree on key issues of primaries

The presidents and co-presidents of the six opposition parties had another meeting on Tuesday. Over the past weeks and months, the parties have been in ongoing discussions regarding the key issues of primaries, and the last piece of the puzzle has just clicked in place. The presidents have decided that they will allow personal as well as online registration and voting in the primaries.

Now that we have the answer for the last remaining major question, we are even more confident in the institution of primaries and ousting this government. Despite Fidesz’ constant efforts to undermine democratic competition by reshaping the electoral system practically by any means they have, the six parties that have formed an alliance to oust this government will bring democracy back into Hungarian voters’ lives in the primaries to be held this autumn. We know that the government will not make it easy for us, but we have made a pledge that we will do everything in our power to conduct successful primary elections so that opposition voters could voice their opinions, since the primaries are a celebration of democracy as well.

Here are the key aspects of the primaries:

- The first round of the 2021 primaries will be held between 18 and 26 September, while the second round will be organized between 4 and 10 October, 2021.

- The candidate for Prime Minister will be elected in a two-round process, where the three candidates with the highest number of votes will qualify for the second round. Candidates for the single-member constituencies will be elected in a one-round voting process at the same time with the first round.

- In order to run as a candidate in the primaries, you need to register after 26 July, and you will have the time from 23 August to 6 September to collect the required number of signatures of support (i.e., 20,000 signatures nationwide for Prime Ministerial candidates and 400 local signatures for single-member constituency candidates).

- Citizens who are now 17 years old, but will have turned 18 by the date of the 2022 national elections will be allowed to participate in the primaries.

- If you wish to participate in the primaries as a candidate, you need to submit a statement regarding which of the six party’s parliamentary group you will join if you obtain a seat (the chosen parliamentary groups also need to issue a letter of acceptance to the candidate).

- Voters may pre-register and vote in the primaries personally as well as online.

Jobbik - The Hungarian People's Party

Democratic Coalition (DK)

Politics Can Be Different (LMP)


Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP)

Dialogue (PM)