Opposition calls for Defence and Law Enforcement Committee meeting

MPs of Jobbik, the Democratic Coalition (DK), and the Socialist Party (MSZP) motioned to convene the Hungarian Parliament’s Committee on Defence and Law Enforcement to get answers for their questions on why and how the Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) are involved in the measures against the coronavirus.

In their joint press release, MPs Andrea Varga-Damm (Jobbik), Ágnes Vadai (DK), and Tamás Harangozó (MSZP) explained that they wanted to get answers as to who and why gave the order to deploy the HDF as well as why and to which companies the HDF’s command groups were assigned and what their exact tasks were.

The MPs noted that Minister of Defence Tibor Benkő made an announcement last week with three key messages: his task force responsible for essential companies was going to deploy defence command groups to certain companies; Hungary was divided into seven patrol areas and soldiers would be present in the streets in higher numbers.

According to the opposition lawmakers however, the Minister failed to explain why such drastic measures were needed or why the military had to be used for such purpose. They emphasized that he didn’t inform the Parliament’s Committee on Defence and Law in advance about the steps he was planning to take.


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