Opposition banned from Parliament: Jobbik urges joint action

Jobbik initiates a joint opposition action on account of the government’s bill designed to prevent opposition MPs from doing their job and to trample on their right for freedom of expression. We initiate an all-opposition discussion on Monday because Fidesz’ motion to amend the Parliament Act is certainly unconstitutional, completely unacceptable under the rule of law and reminiscent of hardline dictatorships. The MP’s activities and their freedom of expression cannot be limited and blocked by force but that’s exactly what banning them from the Parliament would actually mean. Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz may have been scared by the outcome of the local elections so they are now trying to forcefully curb the rights of non-government MPs through dictatorial lawmaking. They want to silence the opposition MPs and, through them, all Hungarian people who have had enough of Orbán’s corrupt and dictatorial regime.


László György Lukács, deputy parliamentary faction leader, Jobbik