Open Letter To Ursula Von Der Leyen, President Of The European Comission

Dear Mme von der Leyen,


We have been informed that the European Commission rejected the documents related to the Hungarian recovery plan and indefinitely extended the two-month deadline for the decision whether to unlock the funds. The Hungarian government is trying to communicate this situation as “Brussels launched yet another attack against the Hungarian people”. Of course, it is completely understandable that the majority of the European Parliament, the European Commission and European citizens are fed up with Viktor Orbán’s “illiberal” policies, which have been constantly trampling upon the European Union’s fundamental values for a long time.

As the mouthpiece of the Russian interest, Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party has consistently been campaigning against the European Union. In fact, certain Fidesz leaders have made it clear that they would not join the EU today. As the president of the centre-right Jobbik party however, I would like to state that Orbán and his party are not identical with the Hungarian people, since the overwhelming majority of my compatriots support Hungary’s EU membership and would vote for joining today, too. As the Prime Ministerial candidate of the largest party in the opposition alliance for national unity, let me reassure you, Mme President, that the situation will change drastically once Orbán and the FideszKDNP government leave their office, and my homeland will be a useful and constructive member of the EU again.

I can also assure you that my colleagues involved in the opposition alliance and the primary election of PM candidates have similar views on the matter of Hungary’s EU membership. We all believe that defeating Viktor Orbán in the Hungarian election is the way to remove him from European politics as well, thus preventing him from further undermining the European Union as the ally of eastern dictatorships.

Just like all autocrats, Orbán clearly understands nothing but force. He is unwilling to make any compromises, in fact, he considers them as a sign of weakness. Nevertheless, I am still asking Mme President to find a solution that punishes Orbán and his government, but not the people of Hungary.

In order for his political gains, Orbán set a trap again: he submitted a bill on taking more severe action against pedophile offenders, which my party had been urging for a decade. However, certain provisions of this recent bill put the members of the LMBTQ community on the same footing as pedophile offenders. Our party, as the initiator of an anti-pedophile act several years ago, voted to pass this bill to ensure taking more severe action against criminal acts related to pedophilia, but we also stated that we would amend the law as soon as possible in order to remove the provisions that purposely discriminate against some of our compatriots. Let me point out however, that the Orbán government, in a manner typical of hybrid regimes, changed the above-mentioned bill in the last minute in order to provoke the public and divert attention from Hungary’s other problems, such as the serious violations of democratic civil rights; Hungarian parties not having equal chances in the elections; curbing the freedom of the press and the autonomy of universities; having one of Europe’s most corrupt governments in power; Viktor Orbán having become a leader fully serving Russia’s and China’s interests under the Fidesz-KDNP government; the disastrous pandemic management that led to Hungary having one of the world’s highest mortality rates in proportion to the population; and having become one of Europe’s poorest countries.

Orbán once again chose an enemy to instigate against, a scapegoat: this time the members of the LMBTQ community. This move also allows him to pose as the defender of Hungarian children from “Brussels’ pedophile propaganda”. This allegation of Orbán’s was rejected by the Commission in its release of 14 July.

As I wrote above, I understand that the European Union has already spent more than enough time on the fake problems created by Orbán, and it takes time and energy away from our important common issues, of which we have recently had quite a few, unfortunately.

Nevertheless, let me ask Mme President to still consider Hungary as a country whose citizens, besides being good patriots, wish to be European citizens as well. In order for that to happen however, we need to achieve the long-awaited closing of the East-West pay and living standards gap as well as boost the convergence of the underprivileged regions to prevent our youth from migrating to the West. These goals can only be achieved within and with the help of the European Union. The recovery fund would be an enormous help as long as it does not land in the pockets of the criminal organization called the Orbán clan. Instead, it should be received directly by the municipalities that are bled out and the Hungarian people who are purposely kept in poverty, thus making good on the EU principle of “reducing inequality”, which we Hungarians have been waiting for so long.

I am sending this mail as an open letter so that I could reinforce my compatriots’ faith in the coming of a freer and fairer Hungary. Let me respectfully ask Mme President to share my letter as you see appropriate in order to make the public understand that the majority of the Hungarian people do not agree with Orbán and Fidesz-Christian Democrats.

Yours sincerely,

Péter Jakab,

President and PM candidate, Jobbik