Open letter to János Áder, President of Hungary


"Your Excellency,


Upon your request, Hungarian electronic media observed a seventy-second silence to commemorate the international memorial day of Holocaust victims in order to call attention to the horrible tragedy by this stillness and silence. The purpose of the initiative was to replace the usual, typical and therefore less effective speeches by an alternative way to call people's attention to the importance of brotherly love and insurmountable respect for human life. The goal was to show that human beings, regardless of their religion, skin colour or nationality, are the crowns of God's creation.


On February 2, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is going to visit Hungary. It is obvious that our country's relation with Germany is essential in the economic, political and cultural areas as well. The friendship and cooperation of the two nations is a core condition for Hungary's sound future. We know the black pages of our common history, but we also trust in the bright prospects of our common future. For this reason, I request Your Excellency to ask the Hungarian media to observe a seventy-second silence in order to commemorate the bombing of Dresden in World War II.


Beginning in the fall of 1944, the American and British air forces bombed the city of Dresden in multiple waves. The exact number of victims is not known, the estimates of various researchers range from 20 000 to 500 000. I believe we can all agree that while quantity is represented by numbers, quality is represented by life itself, and the termination of just one life means an irreparable loss.


Your Excellency,


After the joint commemoration of the tragedy of Jewish people, I am asking you to initiate the commemoration of the tragedy of German people as well, expressing that Hungarians equally condemn all genocide. In these turbulent and ominous times, let us show ourselves, our German friends and the whole world that Hungary is a peace-loving nation that pays tribute to all people's tragedies, not only its own.


I look forward to your affirmative response.


Yours sincerely,


Gábor Vona

President of Jobbik"