Open letter of Gábor Vona to President Macron

To: Mr Emmanuel Macron, President, French Republic

Dear Mr. President,

Despite the obvious differences in our political views, my party Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary sent you our heartfelt congratulations when you were elected as president of France. We did so because your success was not a victory of a political concept but the manifestation that a new politician seeking the answers to the challenges of the 21st century was able to rise above the partisan debates rooted in the past.

I know that we have different views in many respects on the future of our countries or the European Union. However, we do agree that the change is necessary and inevitable. That is why I was so happy about the European consultation you announced, which will allow our citizens to directly express their opinions on which way the nations of our community and continent should move. This is the true essence of democracy; this is what should guide all of us regardless of our political views.

Last spring our party set similar objectives when, together with our partners, we launched the European Citizens’ Initiative for a Wage Union. Our success is marked by the fact that trade unions and political parties of nine countries have already joined the initiative. I was especially glad that we could welcome an MP of your party, Mr Frederic Petit among the panelists of our conference titled “Equal pay for equal work!” held in the European Parliament last November.

That is why I also trust the European consultation you announced. However, there’s one particular thing on which I cannot agree with you and I need to correct the statements made at your press conference: contrary to Mr President’s statement, Hungary will join and participate in the consultation process. Hungary will hold national elections on 8 April when our citizens will express their opinion on the Fidesz government which has been sabotaging our national affairs and tarnishing our international reputation.

You can fully rely on the new, Jobbik-led government to be formed after 8 April that we will be actively involved in discussing our common European affairs and reforming the European Union into an organization that truly serves its citizens.

Mr President, let me assure you of my highest consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Gábor Vona

Budapest, February 26, 2018