Open letter of Gábor Vona to PM Viktor Orbán


Mr. Prime Minister,

This letter is not a request. It is a demand.

Stop the State Audit Office! Put your dogs on a leash!

I will be brief because we both know what is going on here. In fact, the people are also fully aware of it, just like the international press. Four months before the elections, you want to destroy the last remaining stronghold and wipe out the largest opposition party in order to dismantle democracy and so begin building your dictatorship. This is what you’ve become. You can no longer fight fair and you have no dignity any more. You have turned from a fiery young democrat into a burnt-out, corrupt tyrant.
There’s no point denying that the SAO’s unlawful step, which is bleeding from a thousand wounds, was your doing. Such an unheard of and base attack could not have been launched without your approval.
But you’ve crossed a line now. This is what happens to those who have neither self-control nor critical co-workers left. They lose their ground. They become a loose cannon. And that’s what you are.
Sit down for a few minutes, reflect on what you’ve done and then have the SAO’s unlawful act revoked immediately! Believe me, you’ll be better off that way! I’ve learnt to know you; I know you don’t like backing down but you have no other option left this time.
The demonstration on Friday will show you how important freedom is for the Hungarian people. You can’t take it away from us, either. And I know what you’re thinking now. But don’t do it! Don’t send provocateurs to our demonstration! All participants will be there with a peaceful intention and for a good cause. Parties and NGOs alike. They will demonstrate for the rule of law, freedom and democracy. If anything happens, everybody will know you orchestrated it. Don’t make your situation worse.
It may be embarrassing for you to back down but you must understand you’ve lost this battle.

Stop the State Audit Office! Put your dogs on a leash!

Yours sincerely,
Gábor Vona