One million feared to leave Hungary

"Jobbik demands efficient steps against emigration,” said deputy faction leader Gergely Farkas in his Budapest press conference on Monday. Talking about the findings of a recent poll, the politician called it alarming that up to 1 million people may be leaving Hungary in the upcoming years.

He added that, contrary to the government, his party had the will, the credibility and the political programme to solve this problem.

Identifying financial difficulties as the primary reason for people to emigrate from Hungary, Mr Farkas concluded that the gap between eastern and western European wages must be reduced, and that is what the Citizens’ Initiative for a European Wage Union is aiming for.

He also urged for state-subsidized social and rental housing projects, campus development and an expansion of the family home creation support programme. Jobbik’s politician emphasized that the chaos experienced in education must be eliminated and academic advancement must not be a matter of money.

The deputy faction leader expressed his conviction that many citizens are appalled by the government’s policy, so his party offers a  “social contract”  which helps people to prosper based on their hard work, talent and diligence rather than their membership in any political party. Jobbik also wants to allow more people to vote by letter, said Mr Farkas, explaining that they wanted to involve in the decision making process all Hungarian citizens who had moved abroad.


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