On 5 December, Jobbik warns Hungarian government that Romania's borders by no means stretch to River Tisza

At the time of the referendum on dual citizenship twelve years ago, the Ferenc Gyurcsány-led Socialist Party and its ally, the Alliance of Free Democrats, which has so deservedly ended up on the garbage dump of history since, jointly and outrageously disowned one quarter of the Hungarian nation. In order to heal the wounds caused by the anti-Hungarian hate campaign, Jobbik was the first to include in its election programme the granting of Hungarian citizenship with voting rights to our fellow-nationals living on the other side of the border, and the idea could finally be implemented after the political left fell in 2010. However, several problems emerged when it came for people living in the territories torn away to exercise their voting rights. In lack of a Hungarian state register, tens of thousands of unauthorized individuals can vote by mail on behalf of our deceased compatriots, while the people who fled to the West from the Orbán government's economic rampage are only allowed to exercise their democratic rights personally at the foreign diplomatic missions. Jobbik has already developed several proposals for a reassuring solution to these problems but Fidesz – contrary to its earlier promises – categorically rejects to remedy this discrimination and the deficiencies undermining the fairness and legitimacy of the elections.

The importance of preserving cross-border national unity and togetherness is further confirmed in light of the latest statements made by former Romanian president Traian Basescu, who had once called Viktor Orbán his friend, and this time claimed that Romania's real borders end at River Tisza. Jobbik calls upon Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Péter Szíjjártó to summon the Romanian ambassador, request an explanation and express his categoric objection to Basescu's outburst that questions Hungary's territorial integrity and threatens the Hungarian nation.

Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary continues to focus on preserving, protecting and enhancing the rights of our fellow Hungarians living abroad. Jobbik attaches great importance to cooperation with the surrounding countries but no consideration of neighbourhood policy can ever override the interests of the Hungarian communities and the firm stance in their protection.


MP István Szávay, Chairman of Jobbik's National Policy Cabinet