Olivér Várhelyi has passed the test

The news has just been released that Olivér Várhelyi, who failed the committee hearing last Thursday, has just “passed the retake exam”. The coordinators of the EP Groups found his answers to the written additional questions acceptable. Várhelyi’s career in the EU has not been free of odd things. It was odd how his name emerged since the first candidate Trócsányi couldn’t even make it to the hearing. His person was also odd because, although few people have a more in-depth knowledge of the EU’s operation, his well-known aggressive style and his excessive servility to Fidesz raised serious doubts in everybody’s mind. And now he was elected as EU Commissioner with the votes of the S&D, which includes the Hungarian Socialist Party and the Democratic Coalition as well as the Renew Europe group which accepted Momentum as a member, and both of them fiercely opposed his candidacy just a week ago.

Although I won’t be his fan, I personally wish Olivér Várhelyi a lot of success. I hope that he will dissolve our doubts about him being a partisan servant and I do see a chance for that: the previous Hungarian Commissioner Tibor Navracsics turned from Fidesz’ Minister of Justice into a cautious critic of Fidesz and its system and from a member of a government that tramples on the law into a conservative intellectual who, albeit not loudly, expresses his worries for the rule of law. Perhaps Várhelyi can also follow this example and turn from a servant to those above into a helper of those below. It would benefit all of us.


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