No shortage of ideas: After silencing outdoor media, Fidesz now finds another way to muffle opposition

There’s just no limit: the government steamrolls on with its antidemocratic agenda. Jobbik says government party Fidesz is now making another attempt to curb the freedom of speech and expression, under the disguise of an environmental bill this time. 

In his press Budapest conference on Thursday, Jobbik’s MP and spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki said the Parliament had begun the debate on a bill that would raise the environment protection tax on political flyers from the current 85 HUF to 114 HUF per kilo while the central government, local governments and public benefit NGOs (FYI: for example, the Civil Union Forum, Fidesz’ own in-house NGO) would no longer have to pay this type of tax at all. Jobbik’s politician says this means that the opposition will incur higher costs on some of these conventional communication tools while the government, the ministries or, for example, the Civil Union Forum, will be able to spread pro-government propaganda even cheaper than before.

“This kind of political mentality was typical of the 1950s,” stated Mr Mirkóczki, referring to the whole process as Orbán’s agenda to eliminate the freedom of speech and expression, after having successfully curbed the freedom of the press in Hungary. He emphasized that, contrary to Fidesz, Jobbik wanted a Hungary where all political opinions could be expressed freely and democratically.


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