No migrants should be returned from Europe to Hungary

Jobbik's vice president Dániel Z. Kárpát and his party wants Budapest to announce and stipulate that Hungary would refuse to settle any immigrants before Germany even conceives of the idea to deport tens of thousands of migrants back to our country. Once they left Hungary they should stay wherever they are, too.

The opposition politician talked about this in his Budapest press conference on Monday. He added that Jobbik had always been two ideas ahead of Fidesz and the Christian Democratic Party. In reference to that, he mentioned that the government always carried out Jobbik's proposals too late and in a softened-up form.

Jobbik demands the government to answer the question: will they receive the migrants who return from Munich and Vienna? Also, what is the government planning to do about the immigrants coming back from Western Europe and supposed to be returned to the country where they first entered EU territory? The opposition party also wants the Hungarian government to come clean about the quota plan: are they willing to receive any migrants based on this unviable system?

Jobbik has a proposal for the solution, too: the party clearly rejects the quota plan as well as the institution of deportation back to the country of first registration. According to Dániel Z. Kárpát, the number of individuals deported back to Hungary is below 1000 so far but that is too much already. Jobbik wants to know where these people are and what is supposed to happen to them. He pointed out that he rejected the idea of receiving migrants, let alone any integration attempts or long-term settlement. If, in any way or form, the Hungarian government agrees to receive migrants based on the quota, Jobbik will initiate a binding referendum and the question will be worded to ensure that we would not have to receive any "newcomers" against our will and this right could be guaranteed for our nation.

According to Dániel Z. Kárpát, Hungary currently lacks the sufficient means to supply the migrants returned from Western Europe on top of the "brutal influx" of unwanted visitors, so the crisis is getting out of the government's control. This is an additional point that we must focus on besides Röszke. The MP reminded the public that Jobbik rejected the idea of registration zones, transit zones and reception stations or similar institutions established in residential areas: neither in Martonfa, nor in Szentgotthárd, Körmend or any other settlement in Hungary. He can accept the idea of humanitarian aid which means water, food and shelter for migrants for the time while their applications are processed.


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