Jobbik in Hungary Tibor Bana: Restore the power of local governments
Jobbik’s vice president Tibor Bana urged the government to improve living standards in rural settlements.
Jobbik in EU Hungarian government in Europe’s Hall of Shame again
Jobbik agrees with the Finnish motion to pursue a hearing into the rule of law in Hungary during Finland’s EU presidency because it would ultimately benefit the people of Hungary.
Jobbik in Hungary Green challenge: Jobbik to show what to do to save our micro-environment
Jobbik MP Tibor Nunkovics talked to Alfahír
Jobbik in Hungary 20 thousand students may be excluded from higher education
Unprofessional and unfair
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik: Fidesz cares more about its business interests than the environment and climate change
The preservation of our environment or the climate change must not be partisan issues, said Jobbik MP Tibor Nunkovics in his Wednesday press conference
Jobbik in Hungary “Jobbik’s representatives will be the watchdogs of honesty everywhere” while white-collar criminals are to go to prison
The 2019 municipal election campaign was officially launched on Saturday.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik presses for independent Ministry for Education
We call upon Fidesz to abandon its anti-intellectual, anti-knowledge policy and its restructuring ideas, and allocate more funds to higher education.
Jobbik in Hungary The message of 20th August: we need a new state foundation!
Message of Péter Jakab, leader of Jobbik's parliamentary group
Jobbik in Hungary Hungarian government’s new lucrative business after theft: propaganda
Hungary’s government has squandered HUF 65 billion (approximately EUR 200 million) of the taxpayers’ money on its own false propaganda in a year.