Jobbik in Hungary 11th April: a black day in the history of free Hungarian press
It is a “Brave New World” with Fidesz sparing no means to expand its dictatorship reminiscent of the Communist regime, where any remaining and surviving opposition media outlets close down one after
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik expects the National Election Office to investigate complaints on the election system
Several unexplained events took place during the voting process.
Jobbik in Hungary Gábor Vona resigns
Facebook post of Gábor Vona
Jobbik in Hungary Unidentified individuals pull gun on Jobbik MP Candidates
We will protect our billboards, we will protect Hungary and, with the help of the Hungarian people, we will get rid of Orbán’s Mafia government on Sunday.
Jobbik in EU Neither subservience nor fake confrontation: Jobbik presents its EU package
Vona: Jobbik stands for constructive debates and the representation of Hungary’s interests.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik presents anti-corruption legislation package - Voter turnout vital for victory
Jobbik’s Candidate for Prime Minister presented the second chapter of the strongest opposition party’s action plan in Budapest.
Jobbik in Hungary Migration issue tops Jobbik's action plan
What would be the first step of a Jobbik-led government? Gábor Vona talked about the matter in his press conference in Gyöngyös.
Hungarian Across Borders The Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians must clear itself from the suspicion of election fraud!
Jobbik has learnt the hard way that Fidesz refrains from nothing to avoid being held to account and to make sure that its authoritarian power is secured for decades to come.
Jobbik in Hungary Volner: Orbán has created a Mafia state
Jobbik says Fidesz has established such a Mafia state where only entrepreneurs, family members and businessmen tied to Viktor Orbán’s circles are allowed to prosper.