Jobbik in Hungary 2019 will be a year of frustration and hope
Tamás Sneider talked to Alfahí
Jobbik in Hungary Hungarian people get slavery act for Christmas from János Áder
The President of the Republic also obeyed the command of foreign big business and signed the slavery act into law.
Jobbik in Hungary Hungarian opposition: Focus on workers' rights instead of partisanship
The Hungarian Industrial Association hosted a roundtable meeting of several opposition parties and trade unions to coordinate their plans.
Jobbik in Hungary We reject wage slavery and we want freedom for Hungarian workers!
As a socially sensitive national people’s party, Jobbik believes that labour is a key organizing force of our society.
Jobbik in Hungary Ádám Mirkóczki: Opposition begins coordination, new developments expected on Monday
Mr Mirkóczki also emphasized that Jobbik fully supported the protests and the demonstrators, and was ready to use all legal means to help them.
Jobbik in EU Jobbik presents EP election programme to international media
Jobbik aims for a more seamlessly functioning European Union while creating a more democratic and free Hungary; a country which ensures security and predictability in the daily lives of its citizens.
Jobbik in Hungary Tamás Sneider: "I got home at one in the morning, with some tear gas in my eyes"
Jobbik’s president was among the protesters in Budapest’s Kossuth Square
Jobbik in Hungary Márton Gyöngyösi: Slavery act is unconstitutional and was passed by breaking the Parliament's house rules
Hungary’s opposition parties held a joint press conference and condemned the pro-government majority for passing the slavery act in Parliament.
Jobbik in Hungary "Viktor Orbán is a psycho"
Jobbik MPs turn to President Áder
Jobbik in Hungary Referendum: Let workers decide their own fate instead of pro-big-business Fidesz
Jobbik calls for a referendum to let workers express their opinion on the slavery act imposed on them by Fidesz-Christian Democrats.