Jobbik in Hungary Environmental jeopardy
Power games and plastic for a lot of money?
Jobbik in EU Hungarian opposition’s joint stance in Committee of Regions
"We believe it is our duty to call the public’s attention to the negative processes taking place in Hungary, due to which local municipalities are being deprived of most of their rights."
Jobbik in Hungary It was high time for Orbán to stop punishing Budapest citizens!
Jobbik demands Viktor Orbán to give up the unjustified special powers as the first thing on Monday morning in the Parliament!
Jobbik in Hungary We condemn the government’s latest decree to reallocate nearly HUF 1 billion of funds forming over one third of the overall national minority budget!
Jobbik is convinced that Hungary must show an example in Europe in terms of national minority matters.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik: “We’ll use all our means to fight the government’s latest horrific act”
The government wants to override the Hungarian people’s will expressed in the municipal elections and to take away these cities’ tax income just to fatten and enrich its clientèle even more
In the EP Viktor Orbán did not have the courage to participate in the European Parliament’s debate
Gyöngyösi: It’s a shame he didn’t dare to come, I would have loved to confront him with his actions!
Jobbik in Hungary Keep your hands away from the municipalities!
Deputy PM Zsolt Semjén has just submitted a new bill to Parliament which, if passed, would allow the government to deprive opposition-led towns from the tax income and to re-channel the money to Fides
Jobbik in EU European Integration and Identity
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Jobbik in EU Schuman’s objectives still apply - Thoughts on 9th May
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In the EP Institutional Reforms for Credibility and Efficiency
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