Jobbik in Hungary Vona: Orbán wants to take revenge on me
Smear campaigns, articles, surveillance, bugged offices, outrageous lies, Facebook trolls – all these means are used by Orbán's team
Jobbik in Hungary Triumph in Fót
Immigrants no longer allocated to Fót Children's Centre
Jobbik in Hungary It can all be revealed!
Jobbik is planning to unclassify secret documents
Jobbik in Hungary Hardly any residency bond applicants rejected
Only 12 residency bond buyers and 53 family members have been denied a residency permit so far
Jobbik in Hungary Government should audit its own fake NGOs first
The new regulation needs to ensure real transparency instead of a "witch-hunt"
Jobbik in Hungary Statement adopted by Jobbik's Assembly on 14 January
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary hereby declares that it shall not form an electoral alliance with any of the political parties largely responsible for the failures of the past 26 years
Jobbik in Hungary Vona: Orbán is a mafia don
In his Facebook post , Jobbik's president harshly criticizes Viktor Orbán and his government
Jobbik in Hungary Will Fidesz allow their own fake NGOs to be investigated?
The witch-hunt for NGOs should be replaced by a clear, uniform and modern regulation that is free of any double standards and worthy of the 21st century
Jobbik in Hungary A Fidesz-led city struggled with governmental headwind when trying to campaign against settling migrants here
The local referendum against settling migrants in the city of Fót was neither backed by Fidesz nor by the government
Jobbik in Hungary Government does nothing to help us earn as much money as in Western Europe
You have the same job and work for the same company but in a different country – and your salary is just one quarter of what others make