Jobbik in EU European Wage Union: Eastern Central Europe asks for fair treatment and equality
Vona: Today’s events are the evidence that we can join our forces for common goals
Jobbik in EU Vona on the Wage Union: It creates a unity with great prospects
Vona: From the Baltic States to the Adriatic coast, there is a common feeling, a common fate and a common desire to act across the nations of Eastern Central Europe
Jobbik in Hungary Reaction to the latest absurd allegations by PM Orbán’s lackey media
Indeed, there is a political party in Hungary whose stooge and cashier is a land grabber and a media tycoon at the same time
Jobbik in Hungary Government evades answer on what other criminal organizations the PM keeps contacts with
A few weeks ago it was revealed that Ghaith Pharaon had specifically been granted a visa just to be able to meet Viktor Orbán
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán used to vehemently oppose secrecy and that is exactly what Jobbik is doing now
We refuse to support the unjustified classification of the contracts because it is a hotbed for corruption
Jobbik in EU EU favours Western Europe, not us
EU’s development policies in fact favour Western countries instead of Eastern Central Europe, so the region needs a new development strategy
Jobbik in Hungary Viktor Orbán and Flórián Farkas derail Gypsy integration
Fidesz’ politicians consider the Gypsy community as the means for their own enrichment
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik's new bill to hugely embarrass Fidesz and the Socialists
The sabotaged and stolen change of the political system is the common shame of Fidesz and the Socialist Party
Jobbik in the World Jobbik pays respect to the the memory of the victims in the Khojaly massacre and calls for a peaceful solution to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict
We trust that the parties involved in the confrontation will understand the weight of the situation and be able to reach a wise settlement in a strictly peaceful, political way
Jobbik in Hungary Gábor Vona takes on challenge and runs again for Parliament in single-member constituency in 2018
The party president announced that he was going to run for the Parliamentary seat in Constituency 2 of Heves County