Jobbik in Hungary You work! They steal
Jobbik launches billboard campaign
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik sends message to Mészáros&Co.: Properties will be confiscated in all justified cases!
Apáti: Confiscation of properties is an existing law although it is rarely applied by the courts
Jobbik in Hungary Polls: Fidesz is the most rejected party, Jobbik seen as stronger than leftist alliance
30 per cent of eligible voters consider Fidesz as the most hated political party
Jobbik in Hungary "Bring Western wages here instead of inviting guest workers from the East"
While Jobbik struggles to achieve Western salaries for Hungarian employees, Fidesz would import Ukrainian guest workers to freeze low wages
Jobbik in EU Today's friendship is tomorrow's alliance
Commemoration of Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik opposes Fidesz’ GMO liberalization
The Orbán government serves the lobby interest of corporations that produce and distribute genetically-modified goods
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik launches campaign to promote Wage Union concept
The newly-established Citizens’ Committee submitted its petition to the European Commission and asked for a personal meeting with the Secretary-General
Jobbik in Hungary No escape!
Jobbik's "oligarch tax" to hold politicians and businessmen accountable
Jobbik in Hungary "You can't get away with stealing the people's money"
On the 169th anniversary of the 1848 Revolution, Jobbik commemorated the event on 15th March Square, Budapest