Jobbik in Hungary International Press Conference 2020.07.07.
The Hungarian Parliament’s newly-elected Deputy Speaker Dr. Koloman Brenner held an international press conference.
Jobbik in EU What should Europe do about a mafia?
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About Jobbik Party leadership - Jakab Péter and Márton Gyöngyösi
In Janyuary 2020, Jobbik’s leadership adopted a new management system where the former presidential tasks are shared by two people, i.e., a president and an executive vice president, in order to furth
About Jobbik Jobbik’s brief history
Jobbik's predecessor, Right Youth Movement was founded in 1999 as an organization comprised mostly of college students.
Jobbik in EU Eliminating Social Differences
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Hungarian Across Borders That’s the way to do it
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In the EP Resolving the Kissinger-issue
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Jobbik in Hungary We admit it: we made a mistake!
We are fully aware how unprecedented it is in Hungarian history for politicians to admit they made a mistake.