Jobbik in Hungary No hope for democratization as long as Fidesz is around
Fidesz’ anti-Communist rhetoric was not the manifestation of an inner conviction but a political communication tool
Jobbik in EU Jobbik wants fair wages in the European Union
Hungarian wages has shown the least growth in euros, the country’s 27 per cent VAT is a record and even minimum wage is taxed
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán Viktor is no statesman, he's just a politician
Jobbik’s wage union initiative aims to eliminate a system error, Gábor Vona said in the Parliament’s Monday plenary session debating
Jobbik in Hungary Will justice be done after 27 years?
Communist collaborator bill submitted to Committee on Justice
Jobbik in the World Jobbik deeply condemns repeated anti-Christian attacks in Egypt
In these hard times, we Christians, along with all peace-loving nations and people, must sympathize with and support Christian communities of the Middle East going through critical times
Jobbik in Hungary Can Orbán Viktor answer a question?
Will he be a champion of the movement for a European wage union?
Jobbik in Hungary Hungarian municipalities expected to join European Wage Union Initiative
Jobbik aims to rally local council members’ support to make municipalities back the party’s initiative for a European wage union
Jobbik in Hungary Response to President Bernadett Szél’s open letter on the issue of the Paks 2 project
Open letter of Gábor Vona to the President of Politics Can Be Different (LMP) Party
Jobbik in Hungary Vona: This is not about the CEU but Orbán's Bolshevik agenda
Gábor Vona expressed his opinion about Lex CEU on his Facebook page
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik warns government to treat CEU with caution in consideration of Hungarian universities abroad
What the government wants is to divert the public’s attention from the economic problems, the difficult situation of our education and healthcare as well as the rampant corruption