Jobbik in Hungary "They have obviously deceived all those who believed that the government was trying to protect the country"
Jobbik’s spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki was Olga Kálmán’s guest in HírTV’s “Egyenesen” (”Straight Talk”) show
Jobbik in Hungary They steal. We take it back
Jobbik launches new outdoor media campaign
Jobbik in Hungary Reaction to Antal Rogán’s radio interview: Viktor Orbán surrendered and betrayed Hungarian people
Jobbik did not back the bill to tighten legal border security in early March just to see Viktor Orbán kneel before Brussels’ bureaucrats! We consider the Orbán government’s capitulation as treason
Jobbik in Hungary Vona: "Attention people! Orbán is letting migrants in after all!"
Gábor Vona posted a reaction on his Facebook page to Antal Rogán’s announcement in Brussels stating that the government was eventually willing to let migrants come into Hungary
Jobbik in EU "Orbán government kneels before Brussels"
As it is announced by Antal Rogán, Hungary is willing to take in migrants between the ages of 14-18, as long as they undergo a DNA test
Hungarian Across Borders Jobbik to build a country worth returning to
Jobbik is the only party in Hungary to offer membership for Hungarians living in the territories torn away from us as well as for those who left the country en masse typically for economic reasons
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik to look into foreign funds received by politicians
Gábor Vona confirmed his earlier statement that Jobbik would enhance the government’s bill on NGO transparency so that it could cover foreign funds received by politicians as well
Jobbik in EU Wage union instead of double talk
Yesterday’s debate in Brussels was yet another clear evidence that the Orbán-led Fidesz only represents Hungarian people’s interests in words, but it ignores the truly important issues
Jobbik in EU Reaction to Viktor Orbán’s farce in Brussels
Orbán’s performance in Brussels today was a classic example of a political mishmash of double talk, prevarication and irresponsibility
In the CoE Gyöngyösi: International cooperation needed to fight wage inequalities
Although the European Union does have a cohesion policy specifically aiming to promote integration, the billions allocated to this purpose are not invested into a true integration