Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik wants government to come clean: Neither poor nor rich, neither young nor old migrants!
Jobbik’s spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki said that Hungary needed a Constitutional amendment to clearly exclude the option of letting migrants in Hungary
Jobbik in EU French presidential election shows demand for reform
The outcome of the French presidential election is yet another sign that the political forces of the 20th century are no longer able to cope with modern challenges
Jobbik in Hungary Fidesz takes yet another step... down
Fidesz may have received their new media ethics manual from North Korea to guide them how to treat journalists who don’t work for the government’s lackey media
Jobbik in Hungary Why did rhetorically so anti-Communist Fidesz rely on a Communist collaborator to run its favourite charity service?
The Communist dictatorship’s former pets are still part of the system to this day, having highly-paid jobs near the power and enjoying the protection of the political elite
Hungarian Across Borders Hungarian government to betray Serbia's Hungarian community
“Serbia’s EU accession talks offer a historic opportunity to enforce and enhance the rights of the Hungarian community but this chance will not be there for long,” István Szávay emphasized
Jobbik in Hungary We should demand respect from the East as well as the West!
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary protests against the visit and disrespectful memorial service of the Russian motorcycle club called the Night Wolves
Jobbik in Hungary "We work at Western quality for Asian wages"
Workers demand European wage union
Jobbik in Hungary Letting in juvenile migrants may pose national security risk
In his Wednesday speech in Parliament, Gábor Vona reacted to the events taking place last weekend and early this week
Jobbik in Hungary Stand up for animal protection!
Last year brought countless cases of animal abuse, which clearly proves that the current legislation on animal protection is outdated
Jobbik in Hungary Send a message to Brussels! Equal wages for equal work!
According to Gábor Vona, if we really need to send a message to Brussels, it should say that we ask for equal wages instead of migrants