Jobbik in Hungary Orbán has to account for his secret migrants in Parliament
Jobbik has collected the necessary number of signatures to summon an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly
Jobbik in Hungary Reaction to the government's latest deception
Fidesz is unable to answer why they kept lying to the people for 3 years, why they spent billions on false propaganda and why they secretly settled 2300 migrants in Hungary in the meantime.
Jobbik in Hungary It's Orbán's fault
Now it's not just us, others see it, too: according to Freedom House's latest report, Hungary has become the European Union's least democratic country.
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán busted: They secretely settled twice as many migrants than the quota number
Vona: Time to change the government
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán accommodates big business even without IMF pact
Despite using a national rhetoric, Viktor Orbán still complies with the demands of the global big business, even without a pact with the IMF.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik fights back!
Opposition party to seek legal remedy
Jobbik in Hungary Polls: Jobbik is top challenger, Fidesz is most disliked party
Iránytű Institute's latest poll shows Fidesz-Christian Democrats as the most disliked party
Jobbik in Hungary Viktor Orbán got scared and tries to order a retreat – Jobbik calls for new SAO audit
Terrified by the public indignation and the support Jobbik has received from Hungarian citizens, Viktor Orbán is now trying to order a retreat.
Jobbik in EU Slovenia joins Wage Union initiative
The European Citizens' Initiative was introduced in Slovenia yesterday, and our neighbours started collecting statements of support for reducing the EU's East-West wage gap.
Jobbik in Hungary State Audit Office violates law
Jobbik emphasizes that the party has complied with the effective law in every aspect, the SAO did not conduct a substantial investigation, in fact, the Office itself blocked the procedure while its re