Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik's mission is to find "the better self in everybody"
Jobbik Movement for a Better Hungary held its traditional season-opening event on Saturday.
Jobbik in Hungary PM escapes, Minister Pintér and Undersecretary Altusz to face questions on Orbán's migrants
MP Ádám Mirkóczki talked to Hungarian news site Alfahí
Jobbik in Hungary Volner: Orbán runs abroad to escape from embarrassing questions
Jobbik’s Parliamentary faction leader believes the governing parties attempt to sabotage the work of the National Assembly.
In the CoE Gyöngyösi: Social inequalities pose a threat to Europe
“You can say that these inequalities are among the greatest threats to our stability”
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik's first job will be to stop the tragic demographic loss
We believe it is vital to slow down the forced emigration wave and to develop a housing programme that could enable wide social groups to make ends meet in their own homeland.
Jobbik in Hungary Put Paks 2 project on hold!
Jobbik calls upon the Hungarian government not to start politically motivated sham activities in connection with the Paks 2 project.
Jobbik in Hungary "Viktor Orbán is unable to protect Hungary, let alone Europe"
Gábor Vona says Fidesz' lie factory collapsed as it's revealed that they had constantly been lying to the people for three years.
Jobbik in Hungary Márton Gyöngyösi: Fidesz and Jobbik have changed places internationally
Gyöngyösi talked to Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán has to account for his secret migrants in Parliament
Jobbik has collected the necessary number of signatures to summon an extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly
Jobbik in Hungary Reaction to the government's latest deception
Fidesz is unable to answer why they kept lying to the people for 3 years, why they spent billions on false propaganda and why they secretly settled 2300 migrants in Hungary in the meantime.