Jobbik in Hungary The number of votes cast abroad disproves Hungarian government’s propaganda
Last year more Hungarian children were born in Germany alone than in the entire Nógrád country of Hungary.
In the CoE Jobbik’s executive vice president urges for protecting the rule of law in Council of Europe plenary meeting
Under no circumstances is it acceptable if governments abuse their majority and eliminate the freedom of the media and the judiciary in an effort to establish an authoritarian regime.
Jobbik in Hungary Another atrocity – Fidesz man hits a woman this time
Jobbik condemns the cowardly, unmanly and scandalous act of a Fidesz man who physically insulted a young lady in plain sight in a public area in the city of Debrecen.
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik was the first to be registered for the EP elections by the National Election Committee which has already reprimanded TV2
Throughout its history, Jobbik has never submitted the necessary number of citizen endorsement forms so quickly, thus firmly refuting the pro-government media’s lies about its disintegration.
Jobbik in Hungary “If János Pócs were a member of Jobbik, the Prosecutor General would already have started an investigation”
Female opposition MPs held a joint press conference to condemn Fidesz MP János Pócs’ scandalous video and the the MP’s refusal to deal with the matter.
Jobbik in Hungary Fidesz admits letting tens of thousands of migrants into Hungary
The immigration organizer government had nowhere to retreat so they had to admit that they had allowed tens of thousands of migrants to enter Hungary,
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik-backed candidates win in Püspökladány by-elections
The results mean that Fidesz no longer has a majority in the municipal council. Püspökladány once again proved that the governing party can be defeated by credible opposition candidates.
Jobbik in EU Fidesz eats up our future, too
Jobbik rejects the Hungarian government’s veto on the European Union’s plans to address climate change.
Jobbik in Hungary Fidesz arrives at yet another station of its hazardous ploy destroying Hungary
Jobbik wishes to continue conducting a responsible policy and do its best to minimize the negative impacts of the government’s policy on the people of Hungary.
Jobbik in Hungary March Manifesto
Value statement of the Hungarian opposition