Jobbik in EU On the Sargentini report and the destroyers of Europe
Facebook post of Márton Gyöngyösi, Executive Vice-President of Jobbik
In the EP MEP Balczó on the Sargentini vote: It was not just a political but a moral question, too
"I could not approve of the report, and neither could I support the idea of triggering the Article 7 procedure"
In the EP Viktor Orbán has lost
Instead of looking for scapegoats, lying and calling others traitors, Viktor Orbán must exercise self-restraint, self-criticism and humbleness so that this unprecedented punishment could be corrected.
Jobbik in EU Reaction to Viktor Orbán’s speech read out in the EP
PM Orbán avoided talking about any factual elements of the report concerning corruption, the government-occupied institutions and the elimination of the freedom of the press.
Jobbik in Hungary "Fidesz can't protect Hungary" - Jobbik to summon National Security Committee
A recently published article suggests that protection status was given to people who “mean a national security risk for Hungary” on account of their ties to intelligence services or criminal organizat
In the EP Balczó: EP should look into case of imprisoned Szekler members of youth movement
Jobbik MEP Zoltán Balczó talked in the so-called “one-minute speeches of political importance” section to point out a human rights violation committed by the Romanian state.
Jobbik in EU Lajos Kepli: It's a great achievement that economic forums now discuss environmental issues
Accompanying Executive Vice President Márton Gyöngyösi, MP Lajos Kepli also represented Jobbik in the Krynica Economic Forum.
Jobbik in EU Talking at the Krynica Economic Forum, Gyöngyösi reveals Jobbik's vote on Sargentini report
Jobbik’s executive vice president Márton Gyöngyösi participated in the Economic Forum held in Krynica, Poland on September 6
Jobbik in Hungary Alliance for freedom
Jobbik held a meeting with Hungarian intellectuals in Budapest on Saturday night.
Jobbik in Hungary HírTV's occupation completes Fidesz' opinion terror
Fidesz is unable and unwilling to defend its opinion, that’s why it strives to dumb the media down to a totally mono-dimensional lev