Jobbik in EU Lessons of the events in Washington – The Weekly 35
If you followed the events unfolding in Washington on 6 January, you saw some shocking images.
Jobbik in Hungary Principles for Hungary’s governance after 2022
We, the founders of the democratic opposition alliance, driven by our intent to make 2022 the year of changing an era rather than just changing the government, have united our forces to form a governm
Jobbik in Hungary Hungarian opposition parties join forces for full cooperation
In their last meeting of the year, the presidents of Hungary’s opposition parties made the decision to nominate a joint party list in the 2022 elections, thus expressing the nation’s unity which will
Jobbik in EU Minority SafePack: one step closer to a more democratic and fair Europe – The Weekly 34
In its last week’s session, the European Parliament adopted the European Minority SafePack Initiative, which can be considered as a milestone for the EU in several aspects. Why exactly?
Jobbik in EU What is this agreement actually about? – Thoughts after the agreement on the EU budget and the recovery plan – The Weekly 33
The European Union’s founding fathers may hardly have thought that the friendship and cooperation based community of European nations gets to the point by the early 2020s where certain member state le
In the EP From a democracy to an authoritarian regime – Orbán’s dirty tricks – The Weekly 32
My two previous posts described the political and economic aspects of how Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz party “drifted out of Europe”, dragging Hungary to a political no-man’s land and an economic uncer
Jobbik in EU Orbán takes a loan – is it the end of Hungary’s economic stability? – The Weekly 31
Last week I discussed the potential political consequences of Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán’s veto on the European Union’s next seven-year budget and economic recovery plan.
Jobbik in EU Can a despot become a loose cannon in the EU? – The Weekly 30
I find it a little odd that the European Union is so surprised by Hungarian Premier Viktor Orbán’s announcement that if funding is linked to rule of law criteria, he is ready to veto the EU’s seven-ye
Jobbik in EU A call to the president of the European Council, the president of European Commission and the presidency of the Council
We, the forces of the Hungarian democratic opposition, considering the severity of the situation resulting from the destructive politics of the Hungarian government, find it necessary to declare to al
Jobbik in EU Will there be peace in Nagorno Karabakh at last? – The Weekly 29
After Azerbaijan’s military victory and the Russian-brokered truce signed this week, it seems that peace might finally arrive in Nagorno Karabakh after thirty years.