Jobbik in the World Gábor Vona in Turkey
President of Jobbik, Gábor Vona is presently in Turkey. During his one week stay he visits different universities holding forums on current affairs. 
Party Announcements We'll bring this flag to victory
Thousands of people gathered in Budapest's Deák Square for Jobbik's celebration of 23rd October.
In the EP Russia to buy agricultural products from Hungary
Béla Kovács, Jobbik's representative in the European Parliament was the first EP member ever to visit Kamchatka.
Hungarian Across Borders Autonomy for Székelyland
The leaders of Romania's Hungarian political organizations demanded autonomy for Székelyland and talked about the power of cooperation at the great Székely March last Sunday.
Party Announcements Register all organizations funded from abroad
Jobbik proposes to record and publish foreign funds received by civil organizations in Hungary.
Party Announcements Jobbik plans Oct 23 rally for people “cheated” by successive governments.
The radical nationalist Jobbik is organising a rally for the national holiday of October 23 for everyone who feels they have been “cheated and humiliated” by the governments of the past 24 years....
In the EC Jobbik rejects István Pásztor's statement
Jobbik finds it unacceptable that the president of VHA could not mention one single fact to support his statements.
Jobbik in the World Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism
Interview with Belgian MP Laurent Louis, whose taboo-defying speech was aired in the international media