Party Announcements Jobbik denounces Efraim Zuroff
Zsolt Németh denounces Efraim Zuroff for diminishing the crimes of Communism
Party Announcements Gabor Vona re-elected as the president of the Jobbik party
The Jobbik party re-elected Chairman Gabor Vona in its Budapest congress on Saturday, while MEP Csanad Szegedi failed to secure another term as vice-president.
Party Announcements Jobbik calls for investigation into oligarchy-style government contracts
Vona told a press conference that the committee should determine whether contracts won by the companies of Lajos Simicska and Zsolt Nyerges, as well as other companies “associated with the ruling...
Party Announcements Jobbik has become a world political factor
Let’s admit that Hungary is a wonderful little country. In which other country’s case would the world public opinion has constantly (the emphasis is on “constantly”) on its mind that in...