Jobbik in Hungary Orbán wants to build secret tunnel for himself to access Puskás Arena
As a classified project, they want to build a secret tunnel for Orbán to access the Puskás Arena, but I won’t let them cover it up. I will release the information to the public.
Jobbik in EU Security or freedom? – Europe’s new dilemma – The Weekly 41
Ever since the Age of Enlightenment, western civilization has always been haunted by the big question: which of the two core values is more important?
Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik says NO to the extension of the Hungarian government’s special powers!
Why is it unacceptable to grant Orbán special powers again? – Orbán now asks the opposition to support the extension of his special powers for another 90-day period.
In the EP Vaccine politics: another missed chance or a step in the right direction? – The Weekly 40
Throughout its history, the European Union has often been criticized for being too slow to act united despite all the nice talk, and for being even slower to take real action in situations where a uni
Jobbik in Hungary If you reject Orbán’s Chinese vaccine, you lose your civil rights?
Here’s how Fidesz’ “pandemic management” works: while Orbán is busy trying to push some vaccine of questionable origin on the Hungarian people, Gergely Gulyás has just announced that they would introd
Jobbik in EU Online Rights vs Online Security – The Weekly 39
The fundamental rules and norms of social interactions must have been defined by the earliest prehistoric communities.
Jobbik in EU Thoughts on the Portuguese Council Presidency – The Weekly 38
Half a year ago I posted a multi-part essay to discuss the key areas where we expected the German presidency to provide solutions and guidance for the European Union.
Jobbik in Hungary Ready For The Primaries!
2020 is the beginning of the end for the government, but it is the chance of a new beginning for our country. Let’s elect the opposition candidates in 2021.
In the EP The world expects normalcy – The Weekly 37
Almost exactly a hundred years ago, then presidential candidate Warren G.
Jobbik in EU There is no Europe without citizens – The Weekly 36
Ever since their establishment, EU institutions have often been subjects of many disputes about how overcomplicated and non-transparent the community and the operation of its organizations are for the