Jobbik in Hungary Jobbik convenes National Security Committee for Friday morning
Ádám Mirkóczki's press release
Jobbik in Hungary “What Strache got burned with is an ongoing practice in Hungary”
Jobbik initiates setting up a parliamentary committee of inquiry to investigate if the Strache affair has any Hungarian connections.
Jobbik in Hungary Orbán gets burned along with Strache
Is Heinrich Pecina, with whom Viktor Orbán negotiated himself, a strawman working for Russia?
Jobbik in EU "The upcoming EP elections are especially important for us, the younger generation"
Jobbik and the party’s youth organization held a flash mob on Deák Ferenc Square on Thursday afternoon
Jobbik in EU We must support Chancellor Kurz’s plans
Márton Gyöngyösi's Facebook post.
Jobbik in Hungary The “Palkovics Plan” officially fails!
Jobbik demands the Fidesz government to abandon its anti-science rampage and stop the vexation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Jobbik in EU “The election of May 26 will be crucial”
The representatives of Jobbik and Momentum held a joint press conference in front of the MPs’ office building.
Jobbik in Hungary The number of votes cast abroad disproves Hungarian government’s propaganda
Last year more Hungarian children were born in Germany alone than in the entire Nógrád country of Hungary.
In the CoE Jobbik’s executive vice president urges for protecting the rule of law in Council of Europe plenary meeting
Under no circumstances is it acceptable if governments abuse their majority and eliminate the freedom of the media and the judiciary in an effort to establish an authoritarian regime.
Jobbik in Hungary Another atrocity – Fidesz man hits a woman this time
Jobbik condemns the cowardly, unmanly and scandalous act of a Fidesz man who physically insulted a young lady in plain sight in a public area in the city of Debrecen.