In the EP Europe’s gravediggers – Illiberal network from Budapest to Skopje – The Weekly 49
Nowadays we rarely reflect on what an enormous challenge the European Union took on with the eastern enlargement project in the 2000s.
Jobbik in EU Orbán’s attempts to find his place on the European far right – The Weekly 48
One of the most interesting questions of the past weeks is how much the Viktor Orbán-led Hungarian governing party Fidesz’ expulsion from the European People’s Party will stir up the still waters of E
Jobbik in EU Iran nuclear deal – back to the negotiating table – The Weekly 47
We can safely say that one of former US President Barack Obama’s biggest foreign policy achievements was to hammer out the Iran nuclear deal.
In the EP The rule of law is not a bargaining chip – The Weekly 46
The European Union is often and rightfully criticized for being unable to get close to its citizens. Furthermore, the values that our community identifies with often seem rather abstract.
Jobbik in EU Portuguese presidency takes another major step against tax evasion – The Weekly 45
Perhaps more clearly than ever, the current crisis has demonstrated how important it is for the European Union to become a community where the members show solidarity for each other.
Jobbik in EU Open Letter To Ursula Von Der Leyen, President Of The European Comission
We are writing to you as the president and the executive vice president of Jobbik, one of Hungary's leading opposition parties.
Jobbik in EU The weapon against populism: European public media! – The Weekly 44
The debate on the Hungarian, Polish and Slovenian media situation was one of the most highly publicized items on the agenda of the European Parliament’s latest plenary meeting.
Jobbik in EU Viktor Orbán’s European career is over – The Weekly 43
It was just five or six years ago that Viktor Orbán’s name was seriously considered in the list of politicians who could have a significant impact on Europe’s future.
In the EP The European People’s Party got rid of Europe’s spies!
Orbán left Europe’s largest party family today, but make no mistake, his ultimate goal is to leave not just the EPP but the European Union, too.
Jobbik in EU Quo vadis, V4? – The Weekly 42
It is not a new idea to develop or institutionalize the alliance of neighbouring states that already established close economic relations, perhaps even have a lot of historical experiences and cultura