Jobbik in EU Cyprus is the key to the Greece-Turkey conflict: The Weekly 21
Already faced with countless serious foreign policy challenges, the European Union could really do without another Greece-Turkey conflict that may potentially escalate into an armed clash in the Easte
In the EP Hungary’s sealed borders – The Weekly 20
The Hungarian government’s announcement to seal the country’s borders as of 1 September on account of the coronavirus pandemic is deeply concerning for several reasons.
Jobbik in EU Orbán in Lukashenko’s footsteps – The Weekly 19
This summer’s most memorable political event was perhaps the uprising and street protests against the results of the Belarus elections as well as the regime devised by Lukashenko and upheld by a serie
Jobbik in EU International Press Conference 28.08.2020.
The representatives of Hungary’s opposition parties held a joint English press conference for the international media in Budapest on Friday because the National Election Committee (NEC) blocked Jobbik
Jobbik in the World Summary of Koloman Brenner's press conference
Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee Koloman Brenner called for the Committee’s extraordinary meeting so that the MPs could hear Foreign Affairs Minis
Jobbik in the World Orbán’s curse strikes again?
Notes on the Belarus elections
Jobbik in EU The stakes of the German EU presidency: Europe’s future – Part 2 – The Weekly 18
My two latest posts focused on a key challenge for the German EU presidency: the EU’s seven-year budget (MFF) and the closely related economic recovery package aimed at managing the crisis caused by t
Jobbik in Hungary International Press Conference 2020.07.07.
The Hungarian Parliament’s newly-elected Deputy Speaker Dr. Koloman Brenner held an international press conference.