MTI Hungarian News Agency fails to report Fidesz’ corrupt dealings

Just like I did on Monday, I held another press conference on Thursday about the systemic corruption of companies and private persons with ties to Fidesz and Viktor Orbán.

I explained that the activities of the government’s state secretary led to the point when Hungarian taxpayers have to pay back HUF 3300 million to the European Union. I told the media that the wife of the same state secretary was under suspicion of illegal syndication in the procurement of healthcare equipment. I also pointed out that we demanded the OLAF report on István Tiborcz to be published as it was increasingly obvious that the same names appeared in nearly all tenders, so the conclusion of the European Anti-Fraud Office that Hungary may have been robbed by organized crime groups may actually be correct.

Even though it is financed through the HUF billions of taxpayers, the government-controlled public service agency yet again failed to report the event today, and they are not likely to cover this press release either because I make mention of Viktor Orbán’s strawmen: István Tiborcz, István Garancsi, Lőrinc Mészáros and Andy Vajna, too. The silence of the news agency clearly shows that it’s not OLAF, E-ON or other organizations that wish to interfere with the Hungarian elections but Fidesz. It is MTI and the other government-occupied media outlets that interfere with the elections by ignoring the opposition and conducting a dishonest smear campaign commissioned by the government.


György Szilágyi, Member of Parliament, Jobbik