Mirkóczki: “Hungarian government has a reason to be afraid of demonstrators"

When Jobbik’s parliamentary faction was formed last week, its first decision was that the MPs of the largest opposition party were going to dismantle any cordon set up around the building during the first session of the newly-elected Parliament in case the authorities do carry out the earlier plans to erect such a cordon. As it was reported in the media, cordoning off the Parliament became a standard practice of the former Socialist governments to keep opposition supporters away from the National Assembly. The Orbán government was planning to resume this practice.

After Jobbik’s announcement however, the government decided to keep protesters away by setting up a circle of police officers around Kossuth Square rather than a cordon. In his ad hoc press conference, Jobbik’s spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki expressed his pride that his party managed to prevent any cordons in Kossuth Square but criticized the government for its “sneaky move” to replace the cordon by live forces.

In his view, the event sends the bad message that the Orbán government has a reason to be afraid of those who question the fairness of the elections. “This move further confirms all the abuse that Hungarian citizens experienced on 8th April,” he explained.  “If Fidesz believes the elections were fair, then why are they afraid now?” the politician commented on how the government employed any means to prevent a demonstration in Kossuth Square today. Mr Mirkóczki added that Jobbik was not going to confront the deployed police officers as “they are the victims here just like the protesters”.