Militant Ukrainian chauvinists keep issuing threats

While threatening to liquidate Jobbik and Sixty-Four Counties Movement (HVIM) members, Karpatska Sitsh (KS) operates military training camps in the Lower Carpathians. The organization's activists advertise the camps in public areas, stating that their goal is to prepare trainees for combat situations as well as to eliminate any "anti-Ukraine activity" by violent measures if necessary. According to the Information Office and the Military National Security Service, they must not be underestimated. Hungarian web-site Alfahír requested an opinion from an expert, who analyzed the organization's preparedness and agreed with the standpoint of the two services. Meanwhile, Jobbik collects donations to help Hungarians living in the Lower Carpathians.

Readers of Alfahír sent some recent photos from Ungvár. The pictures show how Karpatska Sitsh advertises itself on public walls and lampposts. As you may remember, the Ukrainian chauvinist organization became infamous in Hungary for threatening Jobbik and HVIM activists by liquidation and arrest. The unit, which had taken part in several gunfights in the Donbass area, released a communiqué stating that they would monitor the activity of Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians and if they hear of any "anti-Ukraine" actions they will use violent measures if necessary.

After this threat, Jobbik released a communiqué in which Márton Gyöngyösi, the deputy leader of the Parliamentary Group and Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly and Ádám Mirkóczki, member of the National Security Committee of the Hungarian National Assembly stated that the party would continue to do its best to guarantee the security of the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians so that they could lead a prosperous life in their homeland. They added that although the two patriotic organizations HVIM and Jobbik had always taken a firm stance to support Hungarian-Ruthenian autonomy efforts in the Lower Carpathians and criticized the anti-minority policies and measures of Kiev's chauvinistic puppet government, they had never done anything illegal. In the same communiqué, they proposed to convene a meeting of the National Security Committee.

In the Commitee's  closed session, the Information Office and the Military National Security Service briefed the MPs. Subsequently, Socialist committee chairman Zsolt Molnár declared that the threat must be taken seriously. He said that these extremist Ukrainian organizations with their few hundred members must not be underestimated because they have the actual means to carry out their threats.
Using the information sources available, expert of Alfahír evaluated the preparedness of Karpatska Sitsh and concluded that these groups cannot be regarded as a disciplined unit even though the members of the organization did receive military training. Analysing the footage of the training and practice sessions, he noticed several signs of unprofessional work, for example, the finger of a participant is on the trigger even while climbing in through a window and their hand signals are inconsistent, too. The images also show that unit members do not have identical camouflage uniforms and there is no military discipline in their camps. The fact that their magazines spot the Ukrainian national colours may be sufficient to reinforce their chauvinistic feelings but it is completely pointless and even dangerous from a military aspect, especially when the unit is supposed to hide. Besides, you can also see that some people don't even have practice weapons occasionally, while they pose with RPGs, sitting on top of armoured personnel carriers at other times.

On the other hand, the consultant did agree that they must not be underestimated because they may have extensive experience with live weapons and ammunition, unlike any Hungarian paramilitary units which do not have such practice at shooting ranges. Besides, many members of the Ukrainian groups have been in real combat situations. There are rumours that they have lost a few comrades, too. What we know for certain is that they uploaded a video about how they provided care for an injured group member.

Based on the available video footage, the headcount of Karpatska Sitsh may be around 50. It is hard to tell for certain however, as they constantly recruit people so they may have new personnel joining each day. According to a recent Karpathir report, the unit operates a training camp in the Lower Carpathians, where they simulate combat conditions to prepare their warriors for the military conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The graduates of this training camp can go straight to the actual frontline.

In the meantime, Jobbik asks its members and supporters to aid the Hungarian community in the Lower Carpathians. Gábor Vona issued a press release to call the attention of the public to the difficult situation of Hungarians in the Lower Carpathians and asked citizens to give donations to the Campus for the Future Foundation. Earlier in May, vice president István Szávay told in a television interview that the first few days of the campaign brought significant donations already. The politician, who is currently banned from Ukraine territory, also said that Jobbik MPs joined a delegation locally to find out the exact needs of the community and guaranteed that the donations would go to the appropriate places. Local report of Alfahír showed how badly people need assistance in the region, as they have difficulty putting bread on the table while families are separated by military drafts.


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