Migrant quota case: Life proved Jobbik right

In its press conference held Wednesday afternoon, Hungary’s largest opposition party reacted to the EU court’s decision to dismiss the Hungarian and Slovakian complaints about the EU’s migration policy. Spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki said that life proved his party right, so they would re-submit their bill to modify the constitution in order to exclude all forms of migrant allocation. This is the motion that had been rejected by Fidesz multiple times.

Expressing Jobbik’s opinion on the dismissed case, the opposition MP said they found the decision by the Court of Justice unacceptable and outrageous. “Our position is that neither domestic nor international courts can alter the ethnic, demographic, religious or cultural composition of any member state, country or nation. This particularly applies to Hungary.”

Ádám Mirkóczki explained that Jobbik re-submitted the party’s bill to amend the constitution even though Fidesz had rejected it several times, “but life once again proved us right, showing that the highest legal guarantee, which the Constitution can provide, is necessary and inevitable in cases like this,” he added. Jobbik’s spokesman called Fidesz’ policy misleading, hypocritical and dishonest. His statement was a reference to Péter Szíjjártó’s Wednesday press conference , where Fidesz double-crossed even its onw voters. As it was reported, Minister of Foreign Affairs Szíjjártó called for yet another freedom fight against the 1294-person migrant quota, even though the government had already allowed at least 18 thousand people of third countries to buy residence permits through the residency bond programme.

“When it comes to the Fidesz government, dirty money and corruption overrules any freedom fight and member state intentions,” said Jobbik’s politician in reference to the Hungarian government’s attitude. As he put it, if the court’s decision had compelled Jean-Claude Juncker to buy 1294 residency bonds, the members of the government would be jumping around with joy - instead of declaring a freedom fight against migrant allocation.

The reason why Jobbik considers Fidesz’ “constant nagging” about Jobbik’s rejection of Fidesz’ half-hearted constitutional bill so hypocritical is because Jobbik offered a much more elaborate bill instead, which would have “closed Hungary’s legal gates for poor and rich migrants alike”. The legal solution for the problem can only be Jobbik’s re-submitted bill. In Mr Mirkóczki’s view, Hungary’s security requires that the dishonest and corrupt policies of the Fidesz government be stopped as soon as possible: “There can be no security in Hungary as long as corruption poses a risk for the parliamentary mechanism as it happened in this case.”


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