MEP Morvai received letter on Transylvanian Hungarians from Frans Timmermans

MEP Krisztina Morvai sent a letter to the European Commission on account of the regular atrocities, gross discrimination and violation of rights suffered by the indigenous Hungarian community of Transylvania.

The letter was answered by Vice President Frans Timmermans, Juncker’s first deputy, who expressed that the EU was aware of the terrible situation and informed the MEP that the Commission was conducting an ongoing dialogue with Romania about the issue and will continue to do so until it is resolved, Ms Morvai told us.

Krisztina Morvai asks all members of the Transylvanian Hungarian community to use this letter when dealing with public administration officials, present it to the leaders of the relevant authorities (with special regard to the fact that Romania makes considerable efforts to impress the EU and the international community) and keep Commissioner Timmermans informed of the atrocities experienced by the Transylvanian Hungarian community.

Among other things, Vice President Timmermans expressed in his letter to MEP Morvai that “(...) Romania, with which we have raised, among others, concerns over hate speech and bias-motivated incidents targeting the ethnic Hungarian community – an issue which the Commission is well aware of. (...) a dialogue with Romanian authorities is still ongoing due to the persistence of outstanding issues.  We will continue to pursue our efforts to ensure that all our concerns are adequately addressed.” 

Krisztina Morvai will soon send a letter to the Vice President concerning the situation of the Hungarian communities in Slovakia and Ukraine as well, while her legal aid and monitoring visit to the Vojvodina region is scheduled for this spring.


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