Márton Gyöngyösi: Hungarian government lets down the people once again

According to Jobbik’s executive vice president, the Hungarian government is obviously using the pandemic threat as the means to regain and even increase its political dominance that was shaken in last autumn’s municipal elections. Working under a mandatory home quarantine in his Brussels lodgings, Márton Gyöngyösi said:

"The fact that the Operative Staff wouldn’t even deign to answer media questions and governmental figures just lecture us or beat around the bush instead of providing real information, or the way how Fidesz was more than ready to use the opportunity to push for an indefinite extension of the rule by decree, or how they are now using military force to occupy private companies are all clear indications that Viktor Orbán and his pals are now worried about their own heaped up stolen assets rather than the health of the Hungarian people."

According to Mr Gyöngyösi however, it was time to act in order to protect the people. He noted how more and more governments had realized that keeping a sufficient distance was the best way for personal safety.

Expressing his view that home quarantine may be the best means for such a purpose, he said that Belgium, Bavaria and the Czech Republic had already ordered it in a less restricted form. The politician suggested that these countries had made the right decision because it can allow them to avoid what happened in France where the epidemic is so severe that you can’t even set foot in the street without permission.

“Jobbik demands the government to stop gambling with Hungarian people’s lives and to work harder for protecting the people instead of expanding its own power. Follow the European example and order a mandatory home quarantine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.”

Finally, the politician asked people to avoid face-to-face meetings as much as they can:

“It’s hard but the best we can do for our family members, parents and friends is not to visit them personally and not to meet in groups. Let’s stay at home and beat this virus together!”


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