Manifesto on the guidelines for a future Jobbik-led government

 For the people - Manifesto on Jobbik's fundamental principles for government


1. We represent all Hungarian people!

On Jobbik's soul and mission

In spite of all the differences existing within the Hungarian society, it was typically unified by the events of the 19th century, while the 20th century always tore our people apart both spiritually and physically regardless of their common fate. The 21st century is still an open issue; we are writing its history together now. The viceroys and the oligarchs who have been governing the Hungarian nation in the past 27 years have betrayed us. While the governments led by the viceroys primarily exposed our people to foreign interests, that of the local oligarchs rendered us vulnerable to small domestic power groups. We have had enough of all that! We want neither viceroys nor oligarchs any more! Jobbik represents all Hungarian people wherever they may live in the world. Our policy is for the people, i.e., our government will work with the support of the people, together with the people and representing the people for the entire nation, for the cross-border community of Hungarians. We Jobbik members, preparing for the responsibility to govern Hungary, declare that Jobbik’s mission is to make 21st-century Hungary a liveable, free, safe and fair country as well as to make our people united, proud and successful.    

Jobbik is 18 years old in 2017. Through the various stations of the party’s growth, we have always aimed to ally with patriotic people who are willing to make sacrifices for their homeland, and thus make Hungary a more liveable country. Jobbik was formed in 1999 as the association of some university students disappointed by the lack of a real democratization, in order to unite our patriotic youth with national values. We left the framework of higher education institutions in 2002 by forming a movement to integrate freshness and vitality with the wisdom and experience of the older generations. The movement was transformed into a political party in 2003, because we could not identify with the parties that betrayed the democratization process by concluding underlying corrupt deals while keeping up a pretence of confrontation on the surface. Back then, we already laid out in our Founding Charter that we wanted to represent all Hungarian people. By 2006, we had become the leading non-parliamentary force of the social opposition at the time. As a national radical party, we were elected into the National Assembly where we demonstrated our political maturity. In 2013, we announced our programme to become a people’s party; a process which we have completed by now. Our goal was to rise above the fault lines characterizing the political left and right, thus committing to a 21st-century agenda of building bridges between the groups of the society. During this process Jobbik has grown from a national niche party into a national people’s party. Today, when we adopt this document, we believe and declare that Jobbik is not only mature enough to govern Hungary but it is the only force capable of leading the country successfully and honestly.      

The 18 years of work and the hopefully expected governmental responsibility oblige us to stop for self-reflection and tell, in the name of common sense, what kind of Hungary we envision.  

2. We build a strong Hungarian community from happy Hungarian people

On the relation of the individual with the community

We believe in the unity of the people’s soul and the nation’s identity. Communists and their left-wing successors have tried to root national identity out of our people while the political right often did the opposite and made the mistake of leaving no room for the people’s soul within our national identity. This grave error of 20th-century left- and right-wing policies was also the root cause of their failures to build and integrate our society. Learning from the mistakes of the past century, we Jobbik members are fully aware that we cannot save the vigorous and modern community of Hungarians unless we commit to the historical heritage of both the Hungarian people’s soul and the Hungarian nation’s identity.   

A vigorous and modern common Hungarian identity cannot be built on deprived and vulnerable individuals; it can only be built on vigorous and creative ones. That is why the reinforcement of the Hungarian identity is a task not just for the society but for the individual as well. It is a fundamental responsibility of the government to strengthen the unity of Hungarians by providing creative individuals with protection rather than restrictions; opportunities rather than burdens; an invigorating heritage rather than stale structures. That is why our governments must help the Hungarian people’s creative imagination to thrive. We want a country where people feel proud rather than ashamed and inferior, where the acquired loser mentality is replaced by a healthy winner mentality, where individual initiative is encouraged instead of inability and helplessness, where the various groups of the society function as components that complement rather than hate each other, where envy is replaced by cooperation as a general approach, where alienation is supplanted by the wish to belong to a community. We are fully aware that the traumas of the past century and the failures of the early 21st century make the development of such a positive and creative social atmosphere a highly difficult mission, yet we believe it is possible. The harmonious relation of the community and the individual, people’s happiness, social peace and unity are such objectives that no government can ignore and that should be in the focus of any education and culture policy, otherwise it will end up in the trap of inhumane bureaucracy or burnt-out cynicism, just like our governments have thus far.   

3. We believe in a human-centred government instead of ideology- and profit-driven politics!

On Jobbik's philosophy in government

Jobbik is a community of people willing to make sacrifices for their homeland and nation; our party represents all Hungarian people in its programme and activities; it is for the people. From the 20th century until now, governmental philosophies have either been ideologically driven or profit-centred. They either represented some generally mandatory ideology “to make the people happy” or the interests of a small economic-political group. Jobbik is aware that a good government needs to have solid and clear values but its job is not to force a particular ideology on people like a straitjacket but to create a liveable, free, safe and fair country by governing according to its own values. In other words, we need to create a framework which enable people to prosper. Furthermore, Jobbik is also aware that economic growth is impossible without a profit that lays the foundations for future investments. However, the government’s job is not to accumulate this profit in the hands of either foreign or domestic lobby groups but to use it in order to help promote a wider prosperity. Workers left behind can rely on us just as much as Hungarian entrepreneurs who have been deprived of business opportunities. Thus Jobbik is neither against ideologies nor against profit, but we believe that values and profit are not the objective but the means of governance. The objective of our governmental philosophy is the human being. Jobbik represents a human-centred political approach where people are individuals with freedom, rights and dignity as well as members of a community with responsibilities, duties and solidarity at the same time. We believe that this human-centred governmental approach is the key to success in the 21st century.

As examples to follow, we reach back to the generative lessons of the 19th century when Hungarian people with different mindsets, values and characters allied with each other for the benefit of our nation. Such an example was once again shown in the 20th century, albeit for a few days, in 1956. That is why we believe that this power is still lying dormant in us, Hungarians. In the 21st century, we need a new Reform Age to collect our nation’s creative energies and channel them into building a liveable country; we need a new freedom fight to liberate the people of Hungary from the authoritarianism and exploitation of foreign viceroys and domestic oligarchs, and finally we need a new reconciliation to build creative bridges over the war trenches of our inherited internal divisions. 

4. Being a politician is not ruling people but serving them!

On restoring the dignity of politics

In terms of politicians and the political sphere, people have developed two kinds of feelings and attitudes. Firstly, rather than a noble calling, they consider politics as a filthy and corrupt power struggle which any decent and honest person should keep away from. Secondly, rather than partners or representatives whose mandate and job is to make the country better, they consider politicians as some distant strangers, oligarchs or viceroys who feel it’s their prerogative to rule over the people. While emphasizing that the experience of the past few years make such opinions completely reasonable and justified, we state that this is not what politics is about. We cannot comply with that! The dignity and integrity of our political life must be restored!

In Jobbik’s view, being involved in politics is not the right to rule but the duty to serve. The plague of corruption and arrogance, which have fully dominated our political life, must be cured by transparency and humility. Such a service-oriented political approach may be able to restore the original dignity of being involved in our public affairs. People must feel that politicians are not against but for them, and they don’t live off of the people but they work for them and live for them. That is why it is so evident for us that we are for the people. Being for the people means that we serve the community that has given us the responsibility of shaping its future and we work to ensure that all Hungarian people could prosper in their homeland.

5. We govern with Hungarian hearts, common sense and clean hands!

On our work ethics 

Jobbik not only disowns the policy of the previous governments, we are also able to learn from their failures, mistakes and crimes as well. Furthermore, we want to finally abandon the harmful practice of political parties completely dismissing the others’ agendas and measures, which means that when they get into government, they throw out the good ideas together with the bad ones. Jobbik’s government will be able to use common sense to distinguish between what is good and needs to be carried on; what has some flaws that need to be corrected; and what is completely wrong and must be put to an end to.

In terms of its political practice, Jobbik represents all Hungarian people, in other words, we perform our duties with a Hungarian heart first and foremost. Besides, we listen to common sense which means three things: Having learned the lessons of the past, our work focuses on the present and the future, so it is future-oriented. Instead of digging trenches, it focuses on building bridges, so it is cohesion-oriented. Instead of creating more problems, it focuses on solving them, so it is solution-oriented. Finally, in its political practice, Jobbik will manage its tasks with clean hands, which means that our political efforts are not motivated by individual interests or enrichment, let alone a corrupt use of power but by transparency and a sense of duty.

6. We build a safe, free and fair Hungary!

On our social and economic tasks

The purpose of our 21st-century pro-people, human-centred policy is to enable us to build a liveable, safe, free and fair country with an integrated, proud and successful society. Since governance is a complex task with a lot of responsibility, we need to clarify our objectives for the various areas of Hungary’s political life. In other words, we must clearly communicate our key goals to the Hungarian people.

1. A modern national ideal. – The foundations of our identity lie in the Hungarian people’s soul and national consciousness. Instead of internationalism tending to either ignore or suppress national identities and 20th-century Chauvinism, we need a modern national identity which inspires rather than depresses, connects rather than divides Hungarian people, regardless which part of the Carpathian Basin or the world they may live in.

2. Human-centred state. – It is the state that is for the people and not the people are for the state. Instead of a night-watchman state voluntarily abandoning its function and leaving the society unprotected or an over-centralized state going beyond the limits of common sense, we need a strong and responsible state that knows its own limits controlled by checks and balances and that is also able to efficiently protect, represent and support citizens both as individuals and as a community. The human-centred state takes on the responsibility to reverse our critical demographic trends and to enable all Hungarians to prosper in their own homeland.

3. Value-based democracy. – Democracy is not the objective but the means and the framework for a peaceful society and we must fill it with content. Instead of the weakness of liberal democracy and the crudeness of illiberal democracy which is nothing but the former’s heedless denial, we need a universal, Christian and European democracy that preserves and enforces our common values.

4. Efficient jurisdiction. – Our citizens often rightfully feel that Hungary’s judicial system does not function properly. Either because it just serves law rather than justice or because it is slow and uncertain or, more recently, that it is under too much political influence. Jobbik will restore the independence of this government branch and ensure the efficient, accurate and reliable operation of the Hungarian judicial system.

5. Anti-corruption struggle. – Corruption is the plague of the political sphere; it infects and destroys anything it touches. The previous terms of government have seen corruption re-classified from the category of tolerated into that of promoted. The future Jobbik government will put the theft of our nation’s money into the category of forbidden and, in particular, classify it as an aggravated felony entailing the most severe sanctions.

6. Merit-based social policy. – The true power of our society lies in the enforcement of justice.  Elitist social policies exclusively focusing on the high classes will inevitably result in unmerited prerogatives while populist social policies exclusively focusing on those lagging behind will inevitably lead to unmerited, excessive rights, i.e., both will cause injustice eventually. Instead, we need a merit- and performance-based social policy that truly widens the middle class while ensuring a fair and efficient cooperation of employees and employers.

7. Eco-social national economy. – The cornerstone of any economy is to ensure welfare for the entire community and not only for individuals.  We need an economic policy which enables Hungarian wages to rise to the Western European levels in terms of buying power. Instead of a competition between liberal and social economic concepts, we need a 21st-century economic policy that enforces the principle of honest competition but takes social, national strategic and environmental aspects into consideration as well.

8. Pro-productivity taxation. – The function of taxation policies is not to drain but to redistribute resources, in a fair and efficient manner. In Jobbik’s view, we need a taxation policy that helps boosting productivity and the national economy, thus providing the state with a sufficient income to finance the career launch of the young, the correct conditions for the economically active, the proper care for those in need and the equitable pensions for senior citizens.  

9. Innovative economic policy. – The world is in permanent change, and the economy is no exception. One of the greatest challenges for a 21st-century economic policy is to find the balance between the necessary adaptation to changes and the experience gained in the past. Lagging behind the world and drifting aimlessly are both dead ends. Countries cannot be truly successful unless they find such global economic windows of opportunity that are in line with the particular country’s social capabilities. This is what we mean by an innovative economic policy which is a token of our future success since it is the only way for Hungary to create a competitive economy able to provide fair pay.

10. Self-sustenance and premium food production. – Hungary must become a key power in agriculture and food industry. The Communist regime’s agrarian leaders led Hungary into the trap of a quantity-oriented food production, while the actions of the post-Communist management resulted in a profit-oriented food industry. Hungary’s 21st-century agriculture must focus on two goals: firstly, to utilize Hungarian farmers’ expertise to supply quality food for the Hungarian people and, secondly, to export as much quality food as we possibly can.

11. Patient-centred healthcare. – Healthcare must focus on health rather than disease. In the past years, healthcare has either been considered as a system that can and must be made profit-oriented or a structure which needs a top-down reform to stop its wasteful operation. Jobbik believes that the function of our healthcare system is to ensure people’s health and the good work conditions for its professionals. Money and structure are both just the means and definitely not the objectives.

12. Student-centred education. – The money spent on education is not an expenditure but the most important investment. Instead of an ideology- and structure-centred education policy, we need a dynamic and future-oriented professional policy that focuses on the spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical growth of students. As its primary goal, such policy must strive for raising people who are able to work for their own prosperity and meet the challenges of the 21st century, both as individuals and as a community.

13. Modern conservative cultural policy. – Our culture is the most we can pass on to the next generations. Instead of a barren cultural struggle between left and right, we stand for a cultural policy that honestly faces the challenges of the 21st century, is able to connect the ways of the Hungarian past with those of the Hungarian future and concurrently adopts the principles of tradition and progress.

14. An environmentally conscious Hungarian nation. – Ecological consciousness has become an ideological trend typically represented by green parties in the western world. In our view, environmental preservation in the 21st century is not an ideological or partisan issue but a general responsibility driven by common sense. Therefore the green idea must permeate our entire society and not just certain groups.

15. Foreign policy to enforce the nation. – The real beneficiary of good foreign policy must be the country itself and not foreign entities. Under the previous viceroy-like governments, compliance with international expectations was the top priority for Hungary’s diplomacy. Under the current oligarchic government, the function of foreign policy is to generate conflicts so that they could be used unscrupulously for domestic purposes. Hungary and the Hungarian people profited from neither. Jobbik’s pragmatic foreign policy considers the Hungarian nation’s cross-border interests as its priority and aims for the best possible partnerships with international organizations, the neighbouring states and the great powers as well.

16. European identity. – The challenge of migration has revealed Europe’s vulnerability. We, Hungarians respect and appreciate everybody’s traditions, customs, faith and identity while we do not want to replace ours by anybody else’s. Hungary does not want anything to do with the dead-end Western European multiculturalism, we categorically object to it being forced on us, and we will defend our cultural identity developed over our history. It is the historical responsibility of Eastern Central Europe and Hungary to preserve the original Christian and European values in the 21st century, so our region must strive for an ever closer cooperation. In this struggle however, we must avoid clashes and conflicts with other cultures and religions.

7. Let everyone prosper in their own homeland!

On the greatness of the challenger ahead

The 21st century is the era of new and great migrations, which poses new and great challenges for the Hungarian nation as well. Our job in this 21st century is to preserve and empower the Hungarian people. So when we declare that Jobbik’s soul and mission is to represent all Hungarians in the world, we are fully aware that it cannot happen unless we create conditions that allow everyone to prosper in their own homeland. Hungarians of the Carpathian Basin should not have to emigrate, while the emigrated Hungarians should be able to return home.

The classic objective of politics is to find the right order for the community entrusted in its care. Throughout the history of the Hungarian people we mostly managed to do so, in spite of all the ordeals we went through. Sometimes it was the guidance of a great historical figure, or the binding force of the Holy Crown, or a wide social alliance that helped us survive. Therefore Jobbik’s goal is to create this right order for the Hungarian nation in the 21st century. We want to create a cross-border community that is worthy of our past, of the sacrifices made by our great figures and which we can pass on to the next generations with a clear conscience and which means an honour to work for day by day. We, the signers of this document are grateful for having been born as a Hungarian by the grace of God, we take on the ordeals brought on by this fate and we are filled with pride that our efforts may contribute to the continuation of the Hungarian nation’s great history.