“Local councils should be helped rather than bled out”

Instead of bleeding local councils out, Hungary should make pro-government oligarchs who got rich on the public and EU funds share some of the public burdens. As it was reported in the media, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office Gergely Gulyás announced that the central government, claiming the money was needed for the protection against Covid-19, was going to take away any remaining income local councils still had from motor vehicle tax. Evaluating the decision that puts so many councils in dire straits, Mr Dudás said: “They are taking the funds away from the very councils known for their responsible budget planning and commendable performance of their public duties.” The MP also noted that the unexpected situation forced councils to reallocate their funds so that they could assist in the virus containment efforts. 

“They did so by establishing sanitation points, disinfecting public areas and using their own funds to buy protective equipment and clothing. Some small villages even started manufacturing masks with the help of the local community.” He added that although they never asked the government to help, they rightfully expected to get some aid from the central budget. “Instead of getting the help they deserve, their funds are being drained. The state is even taking away the remaining part of the motor vehicle tax councils still had,” Mr Dudás noted. So Jobbik calls on the government to revoke this detrimental measure because it undermines the operation of the very organizations that have so far taken the lion’s share of protecting citizens from the coronavirus.

In Mr Dudás’ view, this decision might even cause the local protective efforts and the local social care to collapse, “but it will certainly put them at risk”. The party suggests the state to involve additional funds from somewhere else. “Hungary has oligarchs who got rich on the countless HUF billions of state and EU funds over the last ten years. Let them contribute to the protective measures, let there be a fair sharing of public burdens.” He added that: “Local councils should be helped rather than bled out. In terms of protective measures, they’ve been carrying most of the workload and they will continue to do so.”


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