Lex Szávay – Slovakia ready to amend law to close Jobbik office

Jobbik's vice president István Szávay did throw a rock in the still water of Slovakia's domestic policy by opening a representative office in Dunaszerdahely on Wednesday. In the past few days, the patriotic party's MP had been the target of a major political fire, after which the Deputy Speaker of the Slovakian Parliament announced they were going to pass legislation to regulate who could conduct political activities in Slovakia.

As we reported earlier, although Jobbik's MPs have been present in the Carpathian Basin through European Parliamentary offices, this is the first time for an MP of a Hungarian party to open a representative office in the territories torn away from Hungary. The event was jointly announced in Dunaszerdahely, the centre of the Hungarian community by István Szávay and Péter Pallér, the local organizer of the movement. 

However, we were faced with the question right at the moment of opening the representative office:

whose interests are curbed by Jobbik in Slovakia?

Because what happened was that, astonishingly(?) enough, the appearance of the patriotic party prompted hysterical reactions from both the Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK-MKP) and the Most-Híd Slovakian-Hungarian mixed party. Talking to Hungarian daily paper Magyar Nemzet, Gyula Bárdos, a member of the presidency of SMK-MKP explained that he considered Jobbik's appearance there as especially harmful and any cooperation between the two parties was inconceivable; while MEP József Nagy of Most-Híd Slovakian-Hungarian mixed party said that as a resident of Dunaszerdahely, he was not happy about Jobbik's appearance in the city because he believed it would incite discord and cause damage to the peaceful Slovakian-Hungarian co-habitation. 

Later on, the party was of course joined by Slovakia's Prime Minister Robert Fico and Peter Pellegrini, the Speaker of the Parliament, too. The latter already announced that

they were even ready to amend the legislation on account of Jobbik's opening a representative office in Dunaszerdahely, and they will soon do so.

Talking in the political show of TA3 on Sunday, the Speaker already offered some details about the planned amendment, the draft of which says that

they will regulate who can conduct political activities 

in the territory of Slovakia and who can operate a representative office. 

According to the report of parameter.sk Pellegrini stated that

no political parties registered outside Slovakia may conduct political activities in the future.

By way of this amendment, the Slovakian government attempts to push Jobbik out, the question is: will they succeed?  

The story is not over yet – that much is certain.