Let's not take risks: say no to TTIP!

Jobbik Youth is glad to join the series of demonstrations held at noon on September 17, 2016 in seven German cities in order to call public attention to the two free trade agreements, TTIP and CETA. We find it reassuring that thousands of conscious citizens are protesting against the free trade agreements in German-speaking countries because these deals may have unforeseeable consequences for their nations.

However, we are worried to see that the Hungarian government is still taking a pro-negotiations position with regard to TTIP and CETA , which could potentially curb our national sovereignty and hurl lots of GMO food on our continent, even though doubts have already been raised at governmental level in such countries as Germany, France and Austria. As it is known, the partnership would allow overseas corporations to market potentially harmful products failing to meet European requirements, even in Hungary, while the Hungarian governments would have no way to stop them. Furthermore, while TTIP has only been in the negotiation phase thus far, the text of CETA has already been finalized and is ready for ratification.

We are convinced that the Hungarian national interests cannot be enforced in these negotiations. Anyone who is claiming the opposite is either unaware of the geopolitical reality or simply misleads the public. Therefore Jobbik Youth asks all European citizens worrying for the future of our countries to protest against these contracts serving the interests of multinational corporations, while our message to the Hungarian government is: just like in the case of the migrant quota, let's not take risks in this matter, either! Let's not take risks in the matter of TTIP and CETA, and let's not continue the negotiations about these pro-big-business contracts!


Szabolcs Szalay, head of Foreign Policy Cabinet, Jobbik Youth