Let’s just hope Trump never hacks Szíjjártó off!

Although corruption and the misuse of national resources have become somewhat common in Hungary in the past 27 years, the current government has gone far beyond its predecessors. Unfortunately, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs prefers protecting its own corrupt sources over representing the interest of the nation.

The Dutch ambassador also took note of the Orbán government’s actions to exacerbate corruption and undermine the rule of law in the past seven years. What Minister Szíjjártó did not like about the leaving Dutch ambassador’s interview was probably not just a foreign diplomat pointing out the commonly known fact that corruption blossoms in Hungary but also the fact that it finally unveiled the true nature of Szíjjártó’s foreign policy, which pretends to be brave at home but kowtows like a coward abroad. Hungarian diplomacy is going on the road to total isolation, which is clearly shown by the facts that Hungarian leaders are no longer welcome in other European capitals and key European politicians avoid Budapest even when they visit our region.

Jobbik’s position is that Hungary’s discontinuation of Dutch relations at ambassador level will put our country even farther from the European political theatre at a time when we would finally have a chance to shape the changes of the European Union in a way that is favourable for Hungarians. After getting into government, Jobbik will represent Hungarian interests in the European political sphere and will do its best to move the European Union in a direction favourable for us. In the meantime, we can only hope that US president Donald Trump will refrain from criticizing the corrupt dealings of the Orbán government, which would prompt the head of Hungarian diplomacy to issue a declaration of war.


MP Márton Gyöngyösi, Jobbik’s deputy faction leader and vice chairman of the Hungarian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee