Let us connect Hungary into Europe’s bloodstream!

Standing for Hungary’s interests as always, we once again presented our position in the Member State Committee (MSC) meeting held in Tallinn, in relation with Estonia’s EU presidency. Eastern Central Europe and Hungary rightfully demand the EU not to ignore this region when forming its transport policies. What we see right now is that the billions of Euros earmarked for transport infrastructure typically tend to avoid Hungary, and whatever little funds arrive here usually land in the pockets of pro-government oligarchs.  

Our eastward and westward road and railway connections are extremely weak, and water transport has not been developed for decades, either. In lack of a national airline company, we are unable to draw the appropriate profit from the dynamically growing air transport industry, too.  

We call upon Hungary’s government to live up to its role of V4 presidency and join its efforts with the other V4 countries to apply pressure on the EU so that cross-European transport networks could be improved in the east-west and north-south directions. Hungarian people deserve a safe, fast and efficient road and railway network; it is our national economic interest to improve passenger and freight transport.

Getting in government in 2018, Jobbik will develop road, railway and water transport routes as well.    



Jobbik MPs Lajos Kepli and Balázs Ander